Petition launched opposing new York supermarkets

Plans for a new Sainsbury’s near Heslington East campus have riled local business owners

Credit: Reinhold Behringer

Credit: Reinhold Behringer

Plans to open a new Sainsbury’s supermarket on Hull Road, near Heslington East campus, have drawn criticism from local business owners.

Graham Kennedy, owner of the Hull Road service station, fears for the “oversaturisation” of supermarkets in York, as he believes local businesses will suffer.

In a petition to be presented to the City of York Council, Mr Kennedy is requesting a public debate to take place before the authority approves any more supermarkets in York. York Outer MP Julian Sturdy supports the petition, which has attracted more than 700 signatures since its launch.

However, Sainsbury’s say that the new supermarket will create 400 more jobs. They have also denied that there are plans to build petrol pumps as part of the store, meaning Mr Kennedy’s family-owned business of over 25 years would not need to fear competition.

The new supermarket is scheduled to be built at the current B&Q site on Hull Road, near the Heslington East campus and in a popular student area.

Anna Price, a first year Langwith student, disagrees with the petition: “There’s no shop on Heslington East and the garage up the road only has basic stuff. A closer supermarket would be very useful as it would make life a lot easier.”

However, some students support the petition. A second-year Sociology student and Osbaldwick resident told Nouse: “I don’t really see the point in building a new Sainsbury’s when there’s a Sainbury’s Local round the corner in Osbaldwick and a well-stocked 24-hour store and petrol station on the Hull Road roundabout. I can’t see how there’s that much need for another supermarket in York, especially on this side of town, whilst B&Q comes in very handy as it is.”


  1. Sainsbury’s local may be nearby but don’t locals typically offer a considerably narrow and often more expensive range. Small businesses are well and good but I think most students have more to benefit from supermarkets. I’m not far from the ASDA in Layerthorpe and live off under £10/week. I don’t think that would be as easy at Hes East.

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  2. 28 Jan ’14 at 8:29 pm

    Teddy Borthwicke-Huntington-heslington

    To Anon


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  3. Basically the small business fears competition from a business which might offer much cheaper prices and alternatives as a result. I think a big Sainsburys near Hes East will be massively beneficial, rather than moaning about it’s potential existence the ‘Dalek Shop’ should consider how it intends to remain competitive.

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  4. I think the term “Hull Road service station” sums up the business model of that particular shop – a new Sainsbury’s without a petrol station should not be in direct competition with it.

    This development may, however, put paid to the plans for the supermarket on Hes East:

    Also, Nouse, please moderate out unnecessary and unfunny comments like the one by “Teddy Borthwicke-Huntington-heslington” above.

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  5. Regarding a new sainsburys supermarket on B & Q site. As a local Family man with 2 kids, visits to supermarkets feature large in my weekly routine. To have a decent supermarket locally would be really great. I think that student comments are a bit ‘short termist’, and do we really think that a sainsburys local and a filling station shop are any compensation for a proper supermarket? I really hope this comes to fruition, once the heslington east campus is full there will be a real need for some proper food shopping.

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