York Sport Union to offer subsidised physiotherapy

Image: YUSU

Image: YUSU

The York Sport Union has announced that it will offer students professional physiotherapy at a heavily subsidised rate, which will start operating from mid spring term thanks to a successful application to YuFund for £4,925. The ‘Physio’ policy was one of the flagship election policies of Cass Brown, York Sport President, during her election campaign in early 2013. The implementation of the measure will herald a major milestone of success in her tenure as Union President.

The new service is expected to allow students taking part in sports on campus to access a fully qualified physiotherapist for the highly subsidised rate of £5 as opposed to the £20 to £40 it could cost off-campus. It is hoped that this vastly reduced cost will encourage more students to use physiotherapy services when they require it, reducing the number of injuries sustained.

In a statement to Nouse, Brown said “’Physio’ was my biggest and arguably, most ambitious policy when I ran for election back in February of last year. I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to achieve an affordable physio service for York’s athletes.”

The money for the scheme came as part of larger group of bids from the York Sport Union to YuFund on the back of its latest successful campaign which raised £100,000. The overall £47,305 in approved funding for York Sport Union will allow for the implementation of a myriad of other projects, ranging from a pre-Roses training camp to high-profile guest visits for Brown’s Key Contacts scheme. These events will result in a continued improvement to sports accessibility and performance at the university as it approaches the hotly anticipated 50th Roses varsity at Lancaster in the summer.

The scheme will launch on the Monday of week 5. There will be two sessions a week available to students between 10am and 1pm on Mondays and between 10:30am and 12:30pm on Thurdays, with individual sessions lasting for half an hour. Students can book sessions at the YUSU reception desk with payment being required upfront.

Speaking about the scheme Aine Moylett, Lacrosse Development Coach, told Nouse: “Having a physiotherapist on campus can only be seen as a benefit, as in Lacrosse, players tend to get injured quite often; so it will really help recovery time and improve our capabilities as a team by having this service in place.”

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