Raw food anyone?

Eating raw: Yes or No?

Photo Credit: Emyan

Photo Credit: Emyan

‘Eating raw’ is on the rise, but only eating food below 40°c is not to everybody’s taste. We asked two York students whether or not they were in favour of this radical diet…

Amber: Yes, please

Eating raw forces us to eat healthier foods, such as fruits, grains and vegetables that naturally contain high levels of enzymes and vitamins. Cooking food often drastically reduces the benefits of these foods. Those who eat raw experience much greater levels of energy and a more uplifting, cheerful state of mind – goodbye mood swings! Better sleep, stronger powers of concentration and a reduction in supermarket costs are among the benefits. Also, just think of the time saved from slaving over a hot oven! Eating raw isn’t a diet for the faint hearted, and by no means am I suggesting we all renounce meat, dairy and processed foods for the rest of our lives. Simply put, ‘eating raw’ is a great way to use as a detox or to partially adopt for a brief period. Practitioners state that eating more raw foods produces visible health benefits, even if you don’t follow the rules religiously. So why not try a healthy, natural start to the new year?

Holly: No, thanks

I struggle to see the negatives of cooking food over 40°c. The raw food diet is based on a misconception that cooking destroys nutrients. Some vitamins are lost through cooking, most notably vitamin C and some B vitamins but there are many other vitamins present in food that, rather than being destroyed, are actually released in the cooking process. Fibres release nutrients through heating food that wouldn’t be released in raw food. Cooking vegetables is more beneficial to the body, especially for students who stay out all night and need all the nutrients they can get! For me, a diet consisting of mainly raw foods is not healthy or sustainable for students. This kind of diet entails fewer calories, fewer nutrients and too much reliance on a single food group when students should aim to incorporate as many as possible to try and prevent ‘fresher’s flu’ from becoming a regular occurrence!

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