Review: Is Victoria’s Secret the antidote for the post-Christmas slumps?

Bravely, or stupidly, whilst various members of my family were busy napping and snacking on the last of the Turkey buffet I decided I’d finally catch up with the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (it originally aired at the beginning of the month.) To many, watching these scantily clad beauties so soon after the carb-filled festivities would be absolute torture and I did admittedly question myself for a second (Toblerone in hand.) However, the whole experience was far more uplifting then I expected it to be.

They showed that different kinds of girls can be beautiful. Undeniably, the models are famous for long legs and washboard stomachs with the average height being 5ft10 but it seemed to be much more of a celebration of this than a dozen human coat hangers strutting down the runway. The girls were a range of ethnicities, and interestingly the show showcased different body shapes, granted most were small in size. Although they are all extremely attractive, they could easily be just a very spray tanned girl next door (one that probably hasn’t eaten pasta for a while though…)

They made it cool to be British. The opening look of the show was decidedly British, drawing inspiration from Victoria’s Secret’s original heritage found in England. The section begun dramatically with a marching band followed by the girls depicting classically British characters – a pearly queen, a ‘gentleman’ in a bowler, and an encrusted two piece depicting, very loosely what seemed to be the crown jewels. The girls walked to the tune of Fall Out Boy, who themselves were dressed in very Scottish tartan with Taylor Swift stealing the show in a floor sweeping Union Jack dress and top hat. Even our very own Cara Delevingne stuck to her roots wearing a white, blue and red football kit.

VS cara

It’s more than just pretty girls. So much work goes into the show itself, from the costumes to the backdrop and lighting. Production usually begins a year before the show with mood boards and sketches being created for the girl’s looks. Some of the featured looks this year were the sexy ‘Nights in Paris’ and the extravagant ‘Birds of Paradise.’ Fall Out Boy, Ian Axel from A Great Big World and Taylor Swift sung live, as well as the previously mentioned drumming band showing more of the Victoria’s Secret pool of talent.

It’s all quite fun. The girls and the outfits are beautiful enough to take all the focus, so they could strut sour faced but instead they looked to be actually enjoying themselves. The girls smile, wave and blow kisses at the spectators. Instead of competing and secretly wishing each other would fall off their 6 inch heels, the girls interact with one another high-fiving and cheekily slapping behinds. Taylor Swift grabbed hands with model Lily Aldridge as she walked in a white diamante bralet and lace pants.


The show had enough sparkle and spectacle to attract even the keenest Christmas lover away from the festive period. The final look ‘Snow Angels’ was typically VS; combining sequins, embellishment and white fur for a mesmerizing winter look. Making the thought of rainy January and the post-Christmas sales seem a bit more sparkly. I’m thinking of this show as an alternative, semi-nude panto. And if all these things aren’t enough to entice you, it’s enjoyable to rest assured that these Amazonian lovelies didn’t have as much fun with the cheese board these last few weeks as the rest of us have.

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  1. 9 Jan ’14 at 11:53 am

    Peter Howells

    Isn’t it Victoria’s Secret rather than Victoria Secret’s?

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