Nouse’s Musical Advent Calendar: Day 23

returns to his roots for today’s calendar entry

Photo: Michael Wyszomierski

Photo: Michael Wyszomierski

The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End

For me it’s not mulled wine, advent calendar or mince pies that give me that Christmas spirit, it’s usually listening to The Darkness’ Christmas Time.

Being raised in Suffolk, I feel they’re probably the best thing to come out of Suffolk(although that’s probably a comment on the county more than a compliment). The Darkness are glam rock done brilliantly and Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End) is as great example of that.

It starts off with one of their signature, catchy riffs/solos. Justin sings of Christmas traditions with melancholy and weeps about his loved one with his unique falsetto singing against the raw power chords creating an amazing contrasting sound. The song crescendos to a (kickass) dual harmony solo and a chorus choir of children singing the hook line.

The video does nothing but compliment the song. The band is in a cosy cottage exchanging gifts in traditional yuletide manner whilst Justin morosely gazes into a bauble with his girlfriend’s image. I won’t say anymore in order to preserve the ‘solid gold’ narrative but I will reveal that it contains Justin’s standard over-sexual dress sense with a single piece leotard and leather chaps.

So to celebrate this Christmas, surround yourself with your loved ones and watch this gem of a video. Merry Christmas all!

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