Nouse’s Musical Advent Calendar: Day 14

Recalling her childhood, tells us just why she loves ‘Last Christmas’ so much

Photo: Marie Hale

Photo: Marie Hale

Wham! – Last Christmas

My first memory of this, obviously, perfect classic comes into recollection at about the age of seven. Crammed among stacks of presents, sleeping bags and crates of booze, our Land Rover had tried, and failed, to get to London to visit family. Stuck in a lay-by, encased in torrential swirls of snow, we waited. Turning to a scattering of mix tapes, one was duly chosen, clunked into the tape player and after a lot of perfunctory whirring and cursing Wham flooded its way into our desolation.

There is nothing I don’t love about this song. The devastation of romance, the languid haze of George Michael and, most importantly the bridge section; “A face of a lover with a fire in his heart…” Woah. This, my dears, is more Christmassy than Santa swathed in mistletoe and brandy butter.

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