It’s getting hot in here

The University of York’s Dr Cowtan has used a technique called kriging to accurately gauge the temperature of the Arctic and attain a more precise average surface temperature. It has now been proved that the rise in temperature per decade has been 0.12°C, over twice the previously estimated figure of 0.05°C. The sceptics will no longer be able to hide behind the anomalous data from the last 15 years in their dissension of global warming. The new data very clearly shows that the apparent pause was erroneous.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) data since 1880 shows an undeniable rise in global temperatures, the impacts of which is well known. On top of this changes in oceanic acidity and permafrost thaws also demonstrated the severity of the warming.

The effect of global warming has been ravaging the earth since the Industrial Revolution. From melting glaciers to falling biodiversity, the effects are clear to see.

Despite the evidence Conservative politicians and commentators have often preferred to reject environmental responsibility because it seemed that the globe wasn’t getting any hotter. Indeed in a recent column in The Telegraph, Lord Lawson berated “gullible journalists” for belief in global warming prior to this revelation.

Cowtan’s recent revelation has confirmed the projected rise in temperatures which will have devastating effects on millions of the globe’s poorest. The increasingly extreme weather patterns can be explained in part by global warming. The Typhoon Haiyan’s decimation of the Philippines serves as a poignant reminder of the damage that climate change can cause. Elsewhere the pleas of the Amazonian tribes people for protection of their ancient forest have been disregarded in favour of enterprising farmers earning millions. We cannot sacrifice the future and biodiversity of the planet for enlarged share prices.

The truth is that earth is warming and we have a responsibility to curb it, especially in developing nations. Lord Lawson spurns proposals to reduce the use of carbon rich fossil fuels in favour of economic growth. Whilst there is something to be said for the tiny contribution of developing nations to global carbon dioxide levels, the increased pollution from developing countries should not be ignored. The increased prevalence of extreme weather systems will far out-weigh the economic benefits of using fossil fuels rather than seeking alternatives now.

The culture of denying global warming will cause even more irreversible damage to the planet. Dr Cowtans work brings the issue back the forefront of peoples minds. It is proven that the rise in global surface temperature is extraordinarily high. We must force our politicians to take more drastic action to stick to global initiatives to tackle climate change.

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