Survey reveals satisfaction with college life

The majority of students feel like a valued member of their college community, but a recent YUSU survey shows that more needs to be done for international students, graduate students, and students living off campus

Results from a recent YUSU survey on student’s first impressions of their college have been released. The survey was conducted to discover how aware students are of the support available to them and how satisfied they are with their college when they first arrive.

Six hundred and seventy eight students across the eight colleges responded and the results reveal that students in general have a good knowledge of their college committee and enjoy their time at the college.

Eighty-one per cent of those surveyed stated that they were aware of their college Chair. Students in Langwith were significantly more likely to have heard of their college Chair than students in any other college while Derwent students were the least likely to have heard of them.

Knowledge of college tutors also followed this trend. Twenty per cent of Derwent students surveyed had never heard of their college tutors in comparison with 1.6 per cent of Langwith students.

The survey also suggested the replacement of college Provosts with Principals in some colleges was a positive change. For the three colleges who now have a college Principal instead of a college Provost, 94.1 per cent had heard of their Principals whereas only 85 per cent of students in the other colleges had heard of their Provosts.

The second section of the survey regarded student satisfaction. Of those surveyed 61 per cent of respondents agreed that they felt like a valued member of their college community. However international students, graduate students and students living off campus were all significantly less likely to agree.

Students in Derwent, which provides some of the cheapest accommodation on campus, had the highest levels of dissatisfaction with accommodation in the survey. Over 23 per cent of respondents from the college stated that they were somewhat or very dissatisfied with their accommodation

Feedback on freshers events was largely positive: 77% of students surveyed were satisfied with the quality of fresher’s events, up by 14.6 per cent on last year. Derwent and Vanbrugh had some of the lowest levels of satisfaction however, with only 71 per cent of students stating that they were satisfied with the events.

Vanbrugh also had the highest level of students answering ‘no’ when asked if the fresher’s wristband provided good value for money, compared to James college where three quarters of students answered ‘yes’.

When questioned about how useful they found their STYCs, 86.9 per cent of students stated that they were very or somewhat useful with only 6.4 per cent stating they were somewhat or very useless.

Commenting on the survey results, Kallum Taylor, YUSU President said:

“Things look positive and this is a massive credit to the hoards of student representatives, volunteers and staff who’ve all put in the time and effort to put on the best possible show for freshers, whilst ensuring they can hit the ground running in a way that makes them feel comfortable”

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