Halifax dismantle outnumbered Vanbrugh


Halifax brushed aside their Vanbrugh opponents in the Sports Tent today with a comprehensive victory. While Halifax were by far the superior side, Vanbrugh struggled with six players for the first half and had no response to the pressure Halifax were able to apply with their extra numbers.

It was first blood to Halifax as the game got underway, some excellent passing between Halifax’s center, Penny Figgis and their wing attack Mary Sutherland enabled goal shooter Emily Woodings to make the score 1-0. It wasn’t long before Halifax’s other shooter, Rebecca Gabbitas made it 2-0 as Halifax dominated the opening few minutes.

Halifax were ruthlessly efficient in the final third, with Woodings and Gabbitas linking up brilliantly to convert Halifax’s fluid and skillful passing into goals. Vanbrugh did have some good passages of play through the likes of Caitlin Graham but lacked accuracy at the net, in part due to the fantastic defending from Halifax’s Sarah Moody and Lottie Hyett.

Halifax were pressuring well off the ball, making some brilliant interceptions and disrupting the flow of the Vanbrugh play. The scoreline rocketed to 13-0 as Woodings showed off superior accuracy in front of the net. Eventually Vanbrugh managed to pull one back through Graham but the game was already slipping away from them.

Vanbrugh played reasonably well in the few minutes before half time, finding some confidence after their goal and they played fluently in the center of the court. But the score spiraled out of their control and it was 19-1 at the end of the first half.

The second half started with Vanbrugh very nearly scoring their second but Graham was just shy of the net and Halifax quickly gobbled up the rebound to score at the other end moments later. It was very much a repeat of the first half as Halifax quickly fell back into the groove and were dominating from every center. A fantastic interception from Hyett extinguished a promising Vanbrugh attack and soon Halifax were 25-1 ahead.

Vanbrugh were only able to score one more goal as the game drew to a close, Halifax completed a comprehensive victory as they scored in the final five seconds to make it 34-2.

After the match Halifax captain, Sarah Moody, spoke to Nouse, “I’m very pleased with how the girls did, they played really well. Vanbrugh put up a good fight, it’s a shame they only had six players but I was really happy with how the girls did. It felt like a good team victory.”

Earlier in the day, the only other college netball match of the day between Derwent and Goodricke ended with a 10-7 victory to Derwent.

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