University red tape slammed by frustrated JCRCs

College Chairs have raised concerns that it will be harder to receive funding from the University for non-drinking events on campus this year.

The Jane Grenville Fund has now been integrated into the Vice Chancellor’s Fund, which means JCRCs have to apply in advance for funding to support alcohol free College events.

Kallum Taylor, YUSU President, is concerned that the JCRCs are being pointed to a source of funding which already has high demand placed on it, and one which exists for completely different reasons to why they actually need it.

“If the money is no longer there, then they should be told – rather than palmed off as the goalposts are consistently shifted.”

Kate Dodd, Academic Registrar, confirmed, “The difference this year is that bids will be required to address the four strategic concepts in use in the pilot colleges. The sums that are available for distribution are the same as last year.

“It is important that college communities, among others, are aware that there is no guarantee that the Vice-Chancellor’s initiative fund will continue as an approach for distributing resources or stimulating strategic initiatives under the new Vice-Chancellor. The primary source funding for JCRC from the University is distributed by YUSU.”

Joshua Lee, Alcuin College Chair, “This only creates another level of bureaucracy for JCRCs to get funding to run events, especially the smaller events, such as drop-ins which are critical to support the welfare of the college.”

Taylor commented, “The JCRCs need complete clarity on this. The initial “Jane Grenville Fund” was never there for ‘new’ initiatives, but instead existed to offer them increased support for more alcohol free orientated events… As otherwise, the committees become bound to making a killing off drinking-centered events in order to fund other more accessible ones. Like with YUSU, this year’s (again) increased number of students increases the need for more financial support.” Last year this fund didn’t turn up, despite the Chairs being told that it would.

With the surpluses made by the University, sitting this year at over £9 million, “JCRCs should not even be contemplating cuts to their services and events.”

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