Will more Wednesdays end in Ziggy’s than Salvation?

Ziggy’s secures the top spot for the Wednesday “end-of-night venue” and just under 1 in 10 students don’t cook any of their own meals. examines the latest Nouse polls

The results are in and after receiving responses from 267 people, it seems that despite Salvation’s new Wednesday night contract, the club has had to endure a narrow defeat, to Ziggy’s Wednesdays. The new bid which Mansion have launched to woo students back, however, appears to have been a wise move. Only thirteen votes separated the two clubs for students’ choice of final venue.

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The results also showed a the number of students who showed little or no interest in the student sports night. 130 people, 49% of those asked, responded with “Sports night? I don’t think so…” Despite last summer’s comprehensive victory against Lancaster at the Roses tournament, the enjoyment on offer at a student sports night still seems to divide the opinion polls almost exactly in half.

How often do you cook your own meals at uni?

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In a second poll it has emerged that 9% of students hardly ever cook their own meals during term time. The poll which took into account data from 389 students found that a significant proportion of students appear to be existing entirely on a diet of MAD menus, takeaways and YourShop meal deals. 22% of students cook fewer than five of their own meals per week. However, it appears that the influence of the likes of Mary Berry and Gregg Wallace have not been entirely lost. Just over half of those surveyed cooked almost every meal themselves, a far cheaper and often healthier option.


  1. The questions set for the Wednesday night poll were worded in a bizarrely bad way; “One drink at Salvation before heading to Ziggy’s” instead of just “Ziggys”? So in both options the person being polled had to go to Salvation? Either Salvation is paying you to ‘make sure’ people go there, or whoever designed the poll was trying to be as least-scientific in it as possible.

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  2. I’m glad to see sound scientific method was used here. Nice work Nouse!

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  3. Will anyone care?

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