The Best of Freshers’ Fair Fashion

Was this year’s Freshers’ Fair the most fashionable ever?

Freshers’ Fair went down with a bang today, with hundreds of feet hammering every inch of campus’s many pavements. A huge turnaround from this year’s freshers, Muse can pretty much exclusively reveal that the cohort of 2013-16 are the most fashionable freshers since 1963 (where obviously by being in a year of 200 at a hip new uni they are definitively cool). So to celebrate the buzz cooked up by societies, clubs and sports teams all over campus, we’ve snapped the best dressed on Vanbrugh Paradise. So here’s to another year of brights, lights and new fashionable heights in the concrete jungle we call home.

Big sweatshirts are a great campus look, and at the moment if you're in trainers and they're not fluorescent it might be worth a trip to your local Office store

This bubbly Freshers' Fair reveller might be in red trousers, but there wasn't a bottle of Bollinger in sight, as he commented that his ambition for this year was to go to London Fashion Week and report for us. Excited to have him on board!

This Rockabilly enthusiast was working it on Vanbrugh Paradise. He may also be the first person to make a pocket chain look good since Busted circa 2003

This volunteering rep is so tall that we almost couldn't get him in shot. YUSU Volunteering definitely had an advantage over other societies with this guy on board.

Orange was a big trend for AW13 and it can be no better demonstrated than by this girl's statement button and fur-collared one. Riding style boots top off a great outfit.

Guardian nominated music critic Joni with a Circulation pal rocking a toned down grunge look

Deborah's taken punk styling and adapted it to campus. She said she looked like a Christmas tree. We say she had one of the biggest smiles of the day.

Blues and boots. If you repeat it then it counts as beat boxing

Checks always a winner, and distressed shoes are definitely worth watching out for as well for the boys.

Muse modelling vet Olivia with friend Niamh. Checks and ankle boots are particular faves here.

Rain or shine, suede shoes are back - for under £60 you can get good quality desert boots or Doc Martin style shoes. A must, and worn with a shirt and blue jeans can be taken anywhere from nights out to Christmas drinks parties with Grandpa.

Great combo of dungarees with a pink cardy. Pastels are back, and although not for everyone's skin colour are exciting (if only for Kath Kidston fans...)

Bold red with big collars. Has statement written all over it, and yet can be worn in the library.

Outfit of the day for standing out - which is lucky considering this man was a walking advert, with leaflets in his hat, and stickers on his chest. This guy: helping society presidents since 2012 (well, Saturday morning)

Caption competition anyone?

Film afficianado Alfie Packham layering up.

Unknown Magazine pair were rocking their stall. Those blue trousers. Where can we find some?

Onesie. Strongly suggested for cold second, third and fourth years. A bold move at Freshers' Fair.

This girl was marvellously nonchalant in what looks like the comfiest outfit of the day.

Second of three Teddy Boy influenced outfits - this one just taking a hint of the era with this distressed jacket with statement breast pockets.

Our only shot in front of Central Hall and we promise we're not trying one of those annoying perspective shots. Cute outfit, and the trainers work really well teamed with the denim shirt and the precariously placed beany

This Lemon Press editor has even matched his beer choice with his outfit. We either massively respect that... or think he should probably spend a bit more time worrying about his degree.

Pussy Riot are still in prison, and Seb wants you to know about it. Well now you do.


  1. 6 Oct ’13 at 1:07 pm

    what's this?

    These aren’t freshers and they aren’t fashionable. Nice one Nouse.

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  2. 6 Oct ’13 at 2:48 pm

    David Cameron

    These people for the most part are not well-dressed…

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  3. Most of these people are not freshers

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  4. Whoever it was that made the Nouse editors feel obligated to continually publish articles irrespective as to whether anything news worthy had actually happened, posterity will remember you as a dick.

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  5. I can’t believe you missed the Fresher’s Fair fashion highlight. There was a tall, dark, and extremely handsome guy wandering the sport’s tent in his speedos. The best fashion is no fashion, I’ve always said. And by that I mean nudity, or as close to it as public decency laws permit.

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  6. Yeah mate you’re quite right, anything that isn’t hard-cutting breaking news can fuck off as far as I’m concerned. It’s not like hundreds of thousands of people read fashion mags every week, and street style is a massive part of fashion journalism. No if it’s not the latest news from Syria, I won’t touch it.

    Lighten up mate – the article was fun. If you were actually at freshers’ fair you might have realised that.

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  7. 6 Oct ’13 at 10:22 pm

    Fashion police

    @David Cameron – Sorry mate, err, you’re not part of our crew…

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  8. mattteee matttee mattttee fucking matee. Yes mate, love fashion mate.

    Why do so many people say mate?

    Fuck you mate yeah mate.

    Ps, one of those m8s are hot, guess which one?


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