A fresh look: small fish in a big, clever pond

Wow. September 2013 has finally arrived and I’m getting ready to move out of my childhood home and into halls at the University of York. For the past 18 months, I’ve been so busy thinking about applying to university, getting offers and then getting the necessary grades that I almost forgot about this bit; actually having to go.

I’ve just about recovered from results day now, but during the weeks leading up to it, the thought of whether or not I was going to university gradually seeped into my brain until it was impossible to think of anything else. I met up with friends and we didn’t speak, just squealed and groaned with anxiety. The night before, my parents took me out to ‘keep me occupied’. It was as if I was a young child who needed sheltering. Miraculously, that night was not completely sleepless and just before 8am on Thursday the 15th of August I found out that I was officially going to York. Elated is not the word.

The next day I woke up feeling incredibly tired, incredibly happy and incredibly nervous. I had accomplished what I had been hoping to do for years, but there was so much I had to do before the term started. Enrol online, apply for this, and apply for that. I felt like I would never be organised enough to sort everything out myself.

The first post-results hurdle was applying for accommodation, attempting to access the system and thinking ‘why me?’ when the webpage failed to load. Eventually, I managed to log in and get a room booking in my first choice college. That was a pleasant surprise, well received after four hours of trying. Knowing where I was going to live seemed like a weight lifted off my shoulders and just one less thing to worry about.

But for me, there’s always something else to worry about: making sure my loan will come through, switching to student banking, making sure I’m registered for all the right modules and checking I have everything I need to bring for my room, and then what I like to think is every incoming fresher’s biggest anxiety – making new friends.

The thought of going from having school or college friends around you whom you see almost every single day, from being a big fish in a small pond, to being a small fish in a very big and very clever pond surrounded by others you’ve never met, is scary. Everybody tells you that all the new people you meet will be in the same boat, but until you get there you can’t help but worry about fitting in with a new crowd.

Well, fellow freshers, I hereby declare that I am in that boat. We all are, and so we all have one thing in common. Every one of us has been through a tough applications process, a nervy pre-results wait and made it here. Now we all have the next few years in York to look forward to. We don’t have to worry all the time!


  1. A lovely debut Nouse article. I hope you enjoy your time at York.

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  2. 9 Sep ’13 at 4:01 pm

    YUSU Bastard

    Welcome to York! Well done on writing an article before you’ve even arrived and enjoy the next few years, you’ll have a great time I am sure. A word of advice for your future in student journalism – don’t pay attention to the trolls. They chat loads of rubbish.

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