The Hot List: September Edition

Flats, talent, and dressing up as your favourite superhero. hopes to bring inspiration through intrigue to you this September

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September is upon us. For some it means the end of summer and back to reality (work), but for those more optimistic among us, September means the remaining few weeks of relaxing and embracing the last of the summer heat. Instead of telling you which products you need to invest in (Nivea tinted moisturiser all the way…) this September hot list is more about what will intrigue and keep you inspired.

What better way to kick (pun for later) start September than by entering a talent competition set up to inspire future writers, fashion enthusiasts and journalists. Elle Magazine’s September Issue saw the launch of their 2013 talent competition. Whether you’ve always seen yourself Meryl Streep style running a fashion magazine or you have a spare afternoon, why not challenge yourself and submit an entry. The prizes are the phenomenal and no one ever regrets taking part.

September has the same implications as January, just minus the fireworks. It’s a time to reinvent yourself if you’re joining a new school, start afresh in a new city if you’re going to university or take up a new activity or hobby just because. So this September join The Sunday Times #Fitnotthin campaign. It will not only make you feel revitalised for the new term; there is also a chance of winning hundreds of pounds of goodies and even a trip abroad.


It’s London Fashion week on the 13th, with the fashion elite descending on London I’ll leave it till then to tell you which garments are a must have this season. I must mention however what I believe is the next best flat. It’s a combination of the classic van and the printed dolly pump. Gap’s skater shoe fits the bill. They come in an array of prints; if you’re feeling feisty grab the leopard ones.

Rihanna seocnd coll

Rihanna’s second River Island collection is launching September 12th. Whether you loved or hated her first collection the next is definitely worth a browse. Restricted to only 100 of each item, it’s got the exclusivity that the high street i.e. Topshop seems to lack; and the cherry on top, prices start at £10!


Kiss Ass 2 has hit the big screen and what better way to celebrate than to dress up as your childhood hero. Warner Bros has enlisted artist and designer Lauren Moshi to create a superhero-themed clothing collection incorporating some of its most famous characters – from Wonder Woman to Superman. The collaboration will take the form of character-specific capsule collections, each featuring 30 to 35 pieces including dresses, T-shirts and bags, with prices ranging from £62 to £130. Lauren Moshi has said that “These iconic characters are part of my childhood” and that her customer can really relate to them. So if you’re planning a September getaway head to the States as the first batch will be dropping into the US at the end of August. For those of us who are confided to Britain, the collection will be available to buy online at Bloomingdale’s. The time has come to don your capes.

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  1. I’ve been hotly anticipating the launch of Kiss Ass 2 since the last one. The tale of an ordinary boy who decides to improve his city by exploring everyone’s anal cavities is definitely not one to miss.

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