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Political societies offer a great chance to not only become involved with a particular party but also to practice your debating and campaigning skills

These societies encompass the political parties that are represented here at the University. Political societies offer a great chance to not only become more involved with a particular party but also to practice your debating and campaigning skills. The clubs offer a range of talks and socials throughout each term which aim to involve as many as possible. Ultimately these societies are a great way to find out what is going on not only in York but nationwide, meeting new people and learning more about each party. Most offer a chance to campaign for local politicians, focusing on upholding party policies.

York Tories were behind the 'I'm in love with Margaret Thatcher song hitting the charts'

York Tories were behind the ‘I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher song hitting the charts’

University of York Conservatives and Unionist Association

The York Tories describes itself as one of the “most active” and largest political groups on campus. Yet it highlights the social side of the society, with weekly dinners, balls, and pub crawls. They aim to expand their Conservative spirit further on campus, as well as help local Conservative MPs and prospective MPs.

University of York European Union Society

The University of York EU Society’s mission is to create a forum of discussion for people of different backgrounds and different opinions. YEUS says that it aims to promote a critical and constructive debate about the EU. They organise debates, socials and lectures concerning European Union social, political, environmental and economic issues. They also help members participate in conferences, including the Model European Union in 2014 and the Cambridge Model European Council. There are also plans to organise a trip to the various European institutions located in Brussels.

University of York Green Party

The Green Party campaigns for social and environmental justice. As the university branch of the national Green Party and one of the largest political societies, the Greens raise awareness of key issues through debates, talks, and direct action (as well as plenty of socials), for issues ranging from the living wage to fighting for an environmentally friendly university.

University of York Labour

The Labour Club is affiliated with the National Labour Party. The club upholds the beliefs and values of the Party, and helps campaign for local Labour politicians. The society also campaigns on campus on issues they feel strongly about. Whilst the club is affiliated with the Labour Party, they debate their policies and in some cases disagree with the National Party when their views conflict. York Labour, in alliance with the Living Wage Society achieved a significant victory last year in lobbying YUSU to pay the living wage.

The York University Liberal Democrats

The York University Lib Dems is the University branch of The Liberal Democrats. The Party, in its own words, exists to build a “fair, free and open society” in which “liberty, equality and community” are balanced, and no one shall be “enslaved by poverty or ignorance”. The University branch follows and supports these ideals. The society also helps local Lib Dem politicians with campaigning throughout the year.

UoY Student Socialist Society

The University is founded on famously liberal principles and this society welcomes all those with an interest in the practices and arguments of socialism, seeking to expand its member’s knowledge through understanding and discussing left-wing theories.

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