A weather whinge

At least it isn’t raining? No, at least the rain doesn’t make Britain bonkers.

The sun comes out, and the immediate reaction of the majority of Britain is to strip off, sweat over everyone and everything in sight and then spend the evenings showing off their burns to friends over a BBQ of burnt or raw sausages. I for one do not need to see a half naked person leaving a trail of sweat everywhere they go like some kind of slug. Please put some clothes on and sit in the shade. This is not to say however that we should feel guilty for covering up less: cat calls spike over heat waves and women end up feeling victimised and guilty for just being too hot to continue wearing their normal clothes. Wear less, but please don’t wear nothing.

Cat calls aren’t the only bizarre behaviour people exhibit in these conditions. We, the people of Britain , spend our lives not making direct eye contact and only ever interacting with strangers while drunk or as a very last resort. As soon as the sun appears, all rules go out the window and suddenly perfect strangers feel it is appropriate to join in with whatever it is you’re doing. It’s worse for people working in an environment with customer interaction, I really don’t need to be reminded every five minutes that it’s sunny outside, or that I’m boiling in my uniform or that I look pasty because I’ve been working the entire time it’s been lovely weather. I know all these things, please stop telling me and just take your pint.

Some of this behaviour even costs us money – extortionate amounts of money. The amount I’ve spent on drinks and travel in the last few weeks is silly. The price of sun cream is almost enough to make me weep, not to mention the rest of the money spent in boots on lotions and potions to prepare our fragile bodies for the sun. I’m sure this weather does great things for the economy, but it’s all only for a few days a year, and to appear acceptable to the average passer by. Lets spend the money on something more productive for the long term.

Finally, the reporting of the weather in most national media outlets is bizarre a well. The population is not so illiterate that every day the papers must publish the same stock images of Brighton beach full to bursting with some very ‘ill’ people to make sure that everyone understands it was hot yesterday. Nor do fully grown adults need to be told how to get a good nights sleep in this weather. We are perfectly capable of thinking to buy a fan in a heatwave.

Although, is this really a heatwave? Or just summer? Granted this is the sort of weather people go abroad for, but its just glorious British summer, it won’t last long enough to really be a heatwave (hopefully).

Can the British public please keep calm and carry on as normal, the strange behaviour that the sunshine has evoked is more unsettling than the weather itself.

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  1. what exactly does this article say? Its just awful.

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