Muzzy’s Musings: The Battle of York

If the best chemist of chem-soc, stirred the words of men-soc, with emotions and notions of fem-soc, the potent potion produced would surely blow through the roof…

Muzzy performs The Battle Of York: Listen here

If the best chemist of chem-soc
Stirred the words of men-soc
With emotions and notions of fem-soc
The potent potion produced would blow through the roof
And overly explosive hoax of ‘blokey jokes’
Exposing a truth that gender-wars rage in York…

Exams are in progress, campus is so stressed
The air vibrates like silent phones in quiet zones,
Dimensions of tension and unpaid library loans
Still awake late in the nights dying throes,
Fighting frightening foes of revision and time
Typing notes with the dice on its final throw,
So no one cares if Cafe Barista,
Just might be closed.

From D-bar to V-bar, a vaccine of caffeine
Prevents collapse. I see icy stares and cold glares
Frosty as wintertime from rivals in printer lines
Till one of us cracks.

Take this musing, get perusing and pass it round
Tell all you meet on cobbled streets and shambles town
Campus is at war, welcome to the battleground

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