Meatless Monday: Broccoli and Pine Nut Pasta

Vegetarian food with some energetic and brain-boosting additions

photo credit: sk8geek

photo credit: sk8geek

Another Monday, another meat free recipe. Sounds like the usual yes? No! Because this recipe has lots of food that’s good for your brain and concentration and work-y stuff. Like broccoli, and pinenuts, and other delicious things tht students always have in their cupboard. Ok so maybe not the pine nuts. But it’s only a wee bit extr on the list, and you can jsut throw the left over ones in a salad or toast them and put them over any pasta you want. So it’s fine. No panicking please. We all have The Fear, everybody stay calm and eat pasta.

For more on what food is good for your poor tired over-worked brain, see here .

Half a head of Broccoli cut into chunks
A handful of Pine nuts
A clove of Garlic
A serving of Pasta (your preference of shape)
1 tbsp Creme fraiche
Cheddar (grated)

1. Put the broccoli on to boil in salted water.
2. Add a small amount of oil to a pan and fry off the garlic. Mix in the pine nuts. Once toasted turn off the heat (they will continue cooking so ensure they don’t burn)
3. Once the broccoli is slightly overdone, drain, and mash gently. Put to the side.
4. Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet, and drain.
5. Return to the pan and mix in the pasta and broccoli with the creme fraiche. Add in the pine nuts, and the cheese of your choice.

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  1. No meat is a mean feat

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