Ms Dynamite announced as final Big D headliner


Ms Dynamite has been announced as this summer’s final Big D act.

The singer will be joining fellow headliners Dusky, and electropop band Fenech-Soler, at Carnival’D on June 27th.

Ms Dynamite, born Niomi Arleen MacLean-Daley, is a double Brit Award and three time MOBO Awards winning R&B, UK garage, hip hop singer and rapper.

Joel Brocklehurst, Derwent Vice Chair Ents commented, “We booked Ms Dynamite knowing she would be the perfect cherry on top to our already great line up. Having a Mercury Prize winner at Big D [is] something we’re really proud of.” Esther Cameron, a second year sociology student told Nouse, “well that’ll be explosive…I am a big fan.”

The announcement was made in Kuda during the Big D ticket launch on Wednesday night. The club hosted DJs who will be playing at Big D, including Milli Vanilli’s Tim Perera, Harry Jones, Kit Munro and Bangers and Mash’s Chris Ashfield.

The plans for 2013 Big D include four stages of music, a food court and an outdoor silent disco. There will also be an opportunity later in the term for student bands to compete for the chance to perform alongside the headliners. Tickets for Carnival’D go on sale at midday this morning from


  1. I’ve been to the last two big D’s and they were mega. This is by far the worst line up I have ever seen not only at a student event but generally ever. I’ve never heard of those two random cool person bands and ms dynamite is just not even current or good. I certainly hope there will be a reduction in ticket prices from the usual £25 because that would be a waste of money. The whole point of big d is to bring a festival atmosphere to that side of campus however as the hordes of students crush themselves into d bar to see all these milli vanilli DJs (who are there because they’re cheap: or so expensive that the headlines are torrid) they will so be reminded by the lack of extra activities outside that they have paid a ludicrous ticket price to stand where they have dinner. I am thoroughly disappointed that my last night at university has such little to offer.

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  2. Scott Mills, Roll Deep and Reverend & The Makers were mega?

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  3. @Slick Willy. I think what you are forgetting here is that a handful of students give up 100’s of hours of their free time to put these events on for other students. These are events are what keeps the campus bars in profit (therefore able to remain open and embark on capital expenditure projects to improve the university campus).
    -York is a small University and does not have what one would call a prestigious music scene, therefore artists, event those who are “not even current or good” will demand large sums of money to come and play. Many refuse to do it all together (just look at the long string of artists who failed to turn up for summer ball).
    -There are many costs that one does not immediately associate with running such a large scale event (Security, First Aid, Cleaning, Lighting, Staging, etc.) which often run into several thousands of pounds each. This combined with balancing the desire to raise money for charity leaves a limited budget for artists for the event.
    -The Ticket Price has been kept constant at £25 for the last 3 years. Therefore, in real terms this event costs less than it has previously.
    As with anything, no one is forcing you to attend this event. It is a shame that you have so little imagination or motivation that your “last night at university [will have so] little to offer”. I’m sure the 1500+ students attending this event will have a great time, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the handful of students who will have spent 100+ hours each bringing you such an event.

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  4. 9 May ’13 at 12:30 pm

    Someone with sense

    “These djs are only playing as they are really cheap or really expensive”, what a pathetic comment.

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  5. Got to say I am really disappointed with the line up as a whole, Dusky are absolute garbage, Fenech Soler are the best of the lot and I wouldn’t mind seeing them. But Ms Dynamite is such a disappointment, I feel that some people on Derwents committee are just catering for their own taste in music. Give me Reverend & The Makers anyday.

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  6. 9 May ’13 at 1:29 pm

    @Someone with Sense

    The argument is that there is a very limited choice, and you choose the best line up possible to please the most people subject to the constraints listed above.
    It is surprising how little £20k gets you when you are spending it on performers, something I think many fail to appreciate.

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  7. Nice to see you’ve finally sub-edited this article…

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  8. @everyone else:

    look shitlips: I know what it takes to put on a college event, I’ve done plenty in my time and this one is still looking shit so get a grip and shut up.

    Do you even lift everyone else? I’ll fuk u up

    While I appreciate that you haven’t adjusted the ticket price along with inflation, it’s still too expensive. Thanks for nothing.

    Gay cunt

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