The Hot List: May Edition

April might have a reputation for being the cruelest month, but for students I’m pretty sure May pips it to the post. Outside the sun might have finally started to shine, but now more than ever is the time when we’re chained to our desks trying to revise. Keep your dream of the so-close-yet-so-far summer holidays alive with this months edition of the Hot List, with everything from the ultimate revision break aid to the last word in fake tanning.



I’m by no means actively encouraging procrastination, but if you need some serious motivation to reward yourself after some properly focused revision (no, scanning through pictures of what celebrities wore to the Met Ball doesn’t count, unless you are actually doing a fashion degree) then look no further. The June Edition of Vogue is on the shelves, and this time it’s brought it’s younger sister along. A copy of the one-off ‘Miss Vogue’ comes free with every copy and is packed full of fun tips and great interviews, plus an article from my own teen hero Tavi Gevinson, Editor of cult online magazine ‘Rookie’. It’s aimed at a 21 and under audience, and even if you’re slightly older you’ll still find the fashion relevant and the products advertised slightly more obtainable – although there is a strong ‘Daddy’s credit card’ vibe from items such as a £890 Miu Miu bag. There aren’t any weird anti-aging skincare ad’s though. Bonus.


Photo: Luke Shadbolt

Photo: Luke Shadbolt

If you do manage to steal a revision break outside, then this hat from American Apparel will keep the sun off your face (spontaneous sunbathing rarely ends well, in my experience) and keep you looking on trend. It comes in a rainbow array of vibrant colours to help you stand out from the crowd, and it’s so big you could even wear it indoors to keep yourself hidden from any creepy ‘Spotted in the Library’ submitters. Be warned, this is a killer holiday look; don’t let it distract you – make it motivate you. (£39



Something good has been going on in the River Island marketing department. Their range of bags has always been brilliant for designer dupes, and now they seem to have finally got the memo on minimal branding. Gone are the frankly hideous giant gold ‘Double R’logos; in their place, sleek monogrammed gold labels or stylish tags. This grey number is gorgeous in studded leather. It has more than a whiff of Celine about it, and the dual straps make it easy and versatile. If your scruffy backpack won’t cut it in the library style stakes then I’m sure you could fit a lot of books and highlighters in it, too. (£60



I know that it’s supposed to be cool to be pale and interesting nowadays, but as soon as those around me start whipping out their tanned-to-perfection pins in teeny tiny short shorts, my self confidence crumbles. I quite literally do not tan in the slightest; I once went a bit brown after 3 months rocking a bright pink face whilst living, travelling, and working in Mexico. Plus, with my celtic skin (thanks, Grandpa), skin cancer is a serious risk. In fact, I’d encourage you all to slap on the SPF – skin cancer might seem like a boogeyman to some, but wrinkles and sunspots are guaranteed. Instead, invest in some decent fake tan. I found MakeBelieve’s self tan lotion in my goodie bag a few fashion weeks ago, and I can honestly say it’s been a game changer. If applied with care (exfoliate and moisturise first – the fake tan mantra) it is incredibly convincing, and the smell is delicious, if only slightly biscuit-y. It’s also packed with lots of fruit, spice, and nut extracts to moisturise your skin, plus caffeine which they claim helps ‘stimulate cellulite breakdown’. I’m not sure how true that last claim is, but it can’t hurt to try. There are five ‘zones’ of tan to choose from; I use zone 3 which does exactly as it says on the tin and gives me that ‘summer holiday tan’ I could never achieve naturally. (£24.50

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