No Platform, Sun and EU motions defeated in referendum

Results of this term’s four referendums were announced this evening, with 1,451 students voting in total.

The only policy that was passed was the issue of whether YUSU employees should a living wage, in which 875 students voted in favour of passing as opposed to only 299 who voted against the issue.

This evening the results were announced on several topical questions: whether the sun should be sold on campus, whether YUSU should introduce the no platform policy, should YUSU government the lobby to leave the EU? And lastly should YUSU pay all its employees a living wage?

The question of whether the Sun should be sold on campus and the ‘No Platform policy’ had become particularly controversial after media attention on the issues sparked several Facebook campaigns on both sides of the argument.

Regarding the Sun, students voted overwhelmingly in favour of keeping the tabloid on campus with 992 for the continued selling of the paper as opposed to 339 against. The equally debated no-platform policy was also strongly voted against, with 969 votes against 135.

The third referendum question which asked whether students should leave the EU was the most unbalanced with only 154 Yes’s and 1075 NO’s.

Twitter was full of the debate after the results with some pleased, and others clearly disapointed.

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  1. *four referenda. Gerundival form…

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