Lancaster take the spoils in table tennis

Images: Petroc Taylor

The York table tennis team was not expecting to do fantastically against Lancaster in this year’s Roses, but unfortunately they were on the end of a hammering by the Red Rose team.

The seconds team were routed in a 15-1 Lancaster victory, and for a long time it seemed as though the visitors would leave with an unbeaten run.

York managed to squeeze in one win in a best of three, in the latter stages of the two-and-a-half-hour fixture.

Our team’s hopes were riding on the firsts, and they managed to secure a few good wins for their part. Even the games they lost were hard fought, and the level of skill shown by both sides’ players was a sight to behold.

It wasn’t enough though against Lancaster’s superior play on the day. The scores were a slow and even climb at first, but the Red Roses soon pulled away, ending with a 9-5 victory.

The York team was evidently disappointed, but two plucky players in particular managed to lay claim to some much-needed wins.

Firsts player Anders Hammerback, and teammate Michael Holmes (who is also the seconds captain) drew the attention and applause of both benches with some spectacular play. At one point Holmes was more than 15 feet away from the table smoothly absorbing the Lancastrian’s aggressive play, and no one’s serve was as lightning-swift as Hammerback’s.

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