Mixed Ultimate team take first Friday points

The mixed Ultimate Frisbee team secured a dramatic Roses win on Friday afternoon


Images: Petroc Taylor

Seasoned players of Ultimate Frisbee often say the sport is not taken seriously enough. In the campus sports hall on Friday, there was no danger of that.

Even before the first ‘pull’ (throw) of the frisbee, the atmosphere was intense. York had lost its previous two games, but in the Mixed Indoor, there was no doubt that both teams were there to win.

The match go off to a quick start for Lancaster, leaping to a 2-0 lead before the hosts knew what was happening. Calls of “Calm it down, York” came from the sidelines. The White Rose team did look rushed, only squeezing in one point to Lancaster’s three after just three minutes.

Though they’d lost it at the start, York found their cool in the following few minutes and heeded the advice shouted from their benches. Smart passes, and clever placement of players won them point after point, smashing the Lancaster lead and coming out with at 4-3 in the fifth minute.

This intense game may have been getting to the players, as several disagreements over calls led to some stilted gameplay. Even a hint of desperation crept in, with three players floored in as many minutes.

Discontented York supporters were muttering as, for the second time, a point was disallowed to York after a foul was called, closely followed by a Lancaster 4-4 equaliser.

Grinding each other down, a hard won fifth point was secured by York, as the clock ticked ever closer to the 20-minute full time.

Conscious of this, our mixed team decided to use some tactical play, keeping the Frisbee up in Lancaster’s half and safely passing between each other rather than pushing for a point.

It cost them, when a wide throw lost their possession, swiftly capitalised on by Lancaster for a point. The score now stood at 5-5, with less than a minute to go.

Throwing caution to the winds, a heroic pull from a York defender put the Frisbee deep into Lancaster’s half. A daring jump and catch from our attacker put York at 6-5, winning the game with just moments to spare.

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