Bombers fight back to beat Centurions


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Lancaster Bombers showed grit and determination to come back and beat York Centurions in the hotly anticipated Roses American Football match up. Lancaster came back after being behind 20-13 at the half to win 43-20, with Dan Katri leading the winning team.

The match started well for the Centurions and saw Sam Parke put early points on the board to give York a 6-0 lead. Lancaster quickly responded when running back Dimeji Ademiju broke free to level the score, the subsequent conversion saw the score become 7-6 in favour of Lancaster.

Some brave play calling from Lancaster produced a well executed fake punt which resulted in David Messenger storming down the field for 55 yards to produce a touchdown. Lancaster then attempted a 2-point conversion which was denied by York’s defence.

York responded in an emphatic manner, Robert Wickham at quarterback produced a sensational throw which was caught comfortably by Seb Booth. Another flash of brilliance from Robert Wickham saw the 2-point conversion completed putting York once again in the lead at 14-13.

James Speck produced the next highlight of the game with a great interception to swiftly return the ball to York’s offence. The first two plays of the next drive resulted in nothing until another perfect throw from Wickham saw a 35 yard pass completed, however, a questionable call from the Lancaster side resulted in the pass being ruled as incomplete. York were not to be denied however, the following play resulted in a similar throw this time from Wickham to Booth which lead to Nathaniel Blackmore getting the ball across the line to see York going into the half leading 20-13.

Lancaster came out of the half with renewed determination which quickly lead to Matt Lomax making a a fantastic block for Ademiju. Who secured another touchdown to put Lancaster within one point of York. Poor catching by York quickly lead to them punting away which was picked up by Jordan Wilson who produced a calculated run which left the Centurions special team in shambles. The attempted 2-point conversion saw Jack Watson drop a simple catch much to the dismay of his fellow team mates.

York never looked to get into the half with Wilson producing another pick which lead to Messenger producing another touchdown to give the Bombers a 31-20 lead going into the fourth quarter. A long hard drive by Lancaster saw York’s defence starting to resemble the first half-side, two great tackles behind the line of scrimmage saw York’s offence get the ball back.

The Centurions however could not do anything with the ball, another long throw by Wickham was picked once again by Jordan Wilson which lead to Messenger producing another touchdown for his side. York to their credit never gave in and fought to maintain a respectable scoreline but Wilson would not be denied and another sensational pick by him lead to him getting his second touchdown of the game. Leading to the final score of 43-20 in favour of Lancaster.

An emotional Robert Wickham said, “I was proud of his performance in the first half” but later goes onto remark that he wished he could take back a couple of the second half passes. Jordan Wilson of Lancaster is originally from Missouri and played during his high school days, he remarked of how impressed he was by the second half performance.

A resounding response from Lancaster after last years close Roses game which saw York win by just one point means future games will be even more heated. However you look at it this win provides a big four points for the Red Rose.

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  1. Nice write up but with a couple name errors:
    My name is Dan not David.
    Jordan Wilson is mentioned through the whole report then referred to as Jamie in the penultimate paragraph.
    Reggie ademiji is actually called Dimeji Ademiju. We do call him Reggie though

    Apart from that great match report

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