Roses 2013 Preview: Ultimate Frisbee

10 points are on offer in Ultimate Frisbee, with these fixtures set to be much tighter than in recent history



Women’s Indoors: Friday 11am, Sports Hall
Open Indoors: Friday 12pm, Sports Hall
Mixed Indoors: Friday 1pm, Sports Hall
Open Outdoors: Saturday 12pm, 22 Acres

Points on offer: 10

2012 results

Open Indoors: York 3-10 Lancaster
Women’s Indoors: York 9-4 Lancaster
Mixed Indoors: York 2-6 Lancaster
Open Outdoors: York 3-15 Lancaster

Rachael Venables, Press and Publicity Officer

How have the club performed so far this season?

“It’s been a mixed year so far for the club, with high expectations and some disappointing losses that have had serious ramifications for the teams involved.

“The season began with Mixed Indoor Regionals in Leeds. York 1sts put on an incredible performance, but were pitted at the last stop by a sudden-death loss to Lancaster, and then again to Leeds, putting the team one place short of qualification to Nationals. Open and Women’s indoor regionals again saw some brilliant performances, but each time York failed to qualify.

“The outdoor season again saw varied results. The loss of captain Jamie Smith for Open Outdoor Regionals, as well as some atrocious playing conditions in Snowy Durham, meant that the team who had been training all year for the occasion, didn’t perform nearly as well as expected. Mixed Nationals in Manchester went slightly better for the team. Despite sailing through an undefeated Saturday, Sunday morning losses to Durham, Sheffield and Nottingham put York out of the running for top 8 seeding, instead settling for the position of 15th in the country, a brilliant victory and huge improvement on last year’s performance.”

What are you expecting from your Roses fixtures this year?

“I expect all four of the Roses fixtures to be exceptionally tight, hard fought games. While last year the York women and Lancaster men dominated their respective games, the core of both teams have now graduated, and in my opinion massively leveled the playing field. The Open Outdoors game should be the match to watch, as both teams (although very friendly off the pitch) are exceptionally competitive when playing, and take a lot of pride in their game. York have been focusing exceptionally hard on their outdoors this year, and the only thing that might dampen their chances is captain Jamie Smith’s being sidelined due to an ankle injury that has taken him out for the rest of the term. The team will have to work hard to make up for the loss of him on the pitch.”

Why should people come and watch your matches?

“I think that this will be one of the closest fought Roses the Ultimate Frisbee clubs have seen for many years. In the past Lancaster have commonly won with fairly convincing score-lines, and York have struggled to keep up the pace. However I believe that this year is York’s time to pull it back; in Open and Mixed the teams are at a level pegging, while York women are eager to prove themselves following the graduation of their entire first team last summer. The games will be fast, merciless, and most importantly – personal.

“On another level, of course, it is a chance to see a game you maybe won’t have seen played, or even understood before. The fact that Ultimate Frisbee is self-refereed can be confusing to a novice. But to see a game in action; to see the respect that the teams have for each other, to the rules and to the game, is one of the reasons I started playing Ultimate after watching a Varsity fixture two years ago.”

Nouse Verdict

Ultimate Frisbee is definitely a sport you should get out and watch – it’s very exciting once you get the hang of it! These fixtures could be pretty close, certainly more so than last year, but they can be a bit of an unknown for fans and reporters alike. There are 10 points on offer, and I’d predict a reasonably even split, which would represent an improvement on 2012 for the White Rose.

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