Roses 2013 Preview: Darts

Our series of Roses previews continues with darts, with eight points on offer in Hendrix Hall on Saturday

Image: Agatha Torrance

Image: Agatha Torrance


College Select: Saturday 1pm, Hendrix Hall
Women’s: Saturday 4pm, Hendrix Hall
Men’s: Saturday 8pm, Hendrix Hall

Points on offer: 8

2012 results

Women’s :York 4-5 Lancaster
Men’s: York 5-4 Lancaster

Nick Hall and Amanda Barnes

How have the club performed so far this season?

“Season to date has been varied for the men’s team, there has been a number setbacks in it, such as the loss at Varsity, but we’ve bounced back from them. We started off the year with a very inexperienced team, but they’ve learnt a lot over the year and we’re heading into Roses with confidence. We still made it to the national finals, narrowly losing to Lancaster, and the week after Roses will be playing in the North East Universities Darts League Finals.

“Ladies darts has shown some big improvements this year, with new talented individuals joining the college teams. This is our only competitive match as a Ladies only team and we are all very excited about it.”

What are you expecting from your Roses fixtures this year?

“We’re feeling good about it, this year sees the advent of the college select game in the afternoon which should be a really good way to give more people the chance to play at Roses. It should be a fantastic spectacle and a really close fought match. What we need though is as many people down there supporting on the night as Lancaster had last year for them.

“Last year’s ladies’ match was such a close call, from having a two point lead with three games to go it looked like it was in the bag, and we fought to the very end. The game was tense, exhilarating and nerve racking and it literally came down to the last dart! It was a real shame as we deserved to win that game, we gave Lancaster a real run for the money. The whole team are very excited about this years game, York Ladies haven’t won in a very long time, something like 20 years! We showed last year we can play as well as Lancaster and this year we will be coming back stronger. During the match last year we definitely had the Lancaster worried, so it is guaranteed to be a well fought match.”

Last year's women's Roses team. Image: Agatha Torrance.

Last year’s women’s Roses team. Image: Agatha Torrance.

Why should people come and watch your matches?

“Well we’re one of the Saturday evening sports and are in a bar. But in all seriousness the darts at Roses tends to be a fantastic, if heated, atmosphere and it tends to be one of the highlights of the weekend for both players and spectators. Its not often you get to see two of the top ranked university darts clubs face off against each other onstage!

“We are definitely a match worth watching, although it’s a team sport, with darts you can get behind every player and really support them. The atmosphere at Roses darts is always amazing, plus it’s indoors and close to the bar!”

Nouse Verdict

Last year’s darts clashes were certainly quite a spectacle and from a competitive point of view I would expect things to be similarly close this year. Roses darts is known for its raucous and hostile atmosphere, however I’m sure the players will be grateful that this year’s contest will be held in a somewhat more open setting than they were afforded last time out. This will still be a superb watch, though, with both matches likely to go down to the wire. The men’s clash in particular sees two very strong teams up against each other, but having watched Lancaster when they came here last term for the UNICUP, I would have to make the Red Rose favourites for that Saturday night encounter.

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