Roses 2013 Preview: Swimming and Water Polo

York’s swimming and water polo squads have excelled so far this year, and are well worth watching at Roses 2013

Image: Philippa Grafton.

Image: Philippa Grafton.


Men’s Swimming: Saturday 11.30am, Sports Village
Women’s Swimming: Saturday 11.30am, Sports Village
Women’s Water Polo: Saturday 7.15pm, Sports Village
Men’s Water Polo: Saturday 8.30pm, Sports Village

Points on offer: 16

Image: Philippa Grafton.

Image: Philippa Grafton.

2012 results

Men’s Swimming: York 50-50 Lancaster
Women’s Swimming: York 59-43 Lancaster
Women’s Water Polo: York 5-12 Lancaster
Men’s Water Polo: York 15-12 Lancaster

Chris Snowden, Club President

How have the club performed so far this season?

“The swimming performance this year has been excellent, with a mid table finish for the both the 1sts and 2nds. We have also had numerous club records this year and a BUCS finalist at Long Course, which is a rare event for our club!

“Both the water polo also had very good seasons, the women’s team recording their first victories in BUCS since they reformed two years and a 2-2 draw with Lancaster as well. The men’s team had one of their best years ever, winning their league, and collecting BUCS points for the first time in at least a decade. Both water polo teams also won their UPolo league and will be competing in the finals day in Cardiff the week before Roses.”

What are you expecting from your Roses fixtures this year?

“In the swimming it will be quite a tight contest, last year the girls won easily and the men’s team drew and a similar result is expected this year. This means that every bit of support we can get will help and push us to beat them!

“For water polo, the women’s team have already drawn 2-2 against Lancaster in one of their first BUCS matches of the year and they have improved a lot since then, so I have every confidence they can beat them this time! The men’s team has won the last 2 years, and we have a better team this year so hopefully we can make it third in a row.”

Why should people come and watch your matches?

“The swimming gala earlier on Saturday will be incredibly tense and you soon get swept up in the excitement with any close races. The water polo on the Saturday night will be the perfect pre-night out start. It will be two brilliant games and for those that haven’t seen water polo before it’s action packed with plenty of goals.”

Nouse Verdict

Water polo was probably my favourite sport of Roses 2012, even if Nouse lacks photographic evidence of the men’s moment of triumph as both photographers jumped in the pool to celebrate! It’s a tough choice between water polo and darts on Saturday night for spectators, but trust me when I say that it would be well worth the trip over to the Sports Village to cheer on our teams in the pool. The men have improved again this year and I am anticipating another win there, while the women’s team have made huge strides forward this season as well, going undefeated in their UPolo league, and have every chance of adding another four points to the York haul. In Saturday morning’s swimming, the Black and Gold again have a great chance of claiming a double victory after a successful year so far.

It would be optimistic of me to predict a whitewash in the pool for York, as Lancaster are of course not to be underestimated. But if a decent home crowd shows up then the balance is likely to swing in York’s favour, so expect UYSWC to claim most of the points on offer.

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