Review: Bangers and Mash presents Soundwave Croatia Launch Party

A night to celebrate the wide range of genres centring around hip hop, the B&M team once again produce an impressive line-up. reviews


Venue: Fibbers
Date: Friday 26th April

We’ve stopped being surprised by the queues, the hype, the rush for tickets at Bangers. And it seems the bolt away from YUSU nights is continuing into the exam term, with the voice of Fibbers bouncer favourite Sally straining once more to tame the line outside as Disko Stew opened up with afrobeat, Latin, funk and soul.

They wooed the crowd into a relative frenzy (well for Bangers and Mash goers anyway) making even edgy folk more akin to over-excited freshers. Varied music for a fun-filled party atmosphere, their madness shining through, and not just through their music: in their own words it was “cosmic”. Although the atmosphere ebbed at points in the night, it was largely retained until Tim Perera, finished off the evening with some down tempo disco that pulled the hard core into a last minute groove.

This latest event from the club night outfit Bangers and Mash moved them away from their traditional house setting into an array of genres. DJ Vadim’s tinges of house, which followed Disko Stew, held the crowd to their roots, but teamed with the slow beat and hip hop edge it gave something new to digest although it didn’t offer the same liberty to the dancing fraternity as the funky warm-up. Most people didn’t seem too bothered, slinking into Fibbers’ cosy dance area, overlooked by the decks, moved to the stage this time – a terrible blow for B&M exhibitionists.

Jonny Dub pulled genres together like a carefully stitched French seam. Gently persistent hip-hop beats fused rap, grimy electronics and airy vocals, and all showing masterful control of tempo that kept the room on its toes.

Second to last, Kidkanevil had all the sonic variety you expect from the man behind Kidsuke, a bizarre mix of electronic water drops and scratches; I overheard one person say it sounded a bit like the dialup tone from Windows ’95. One thing’s for sure, there’s no point guessing what’s coming next. This led to a mix of eclectic dance moves from the floor, as well as a number of confused onlookers retreating to the packed smoking area.

Reflective of the summer to come, the party vibe was brought home. Perhaps it was nostalgia for Itchy Feet, perhaps it was the space to dance that lesser numbers allowed, but this reviewer would certainly encourage more of the variety seen last night at future nights, especially after the demise of Gin and Juice.

This night was in aid of the rapidly approaching Soundwave Festival, taking place in Croatia between the 18th and 22nd of July. For more information or tickets click here.


  1. Could’ve just said ‘Crap’ and got over it, its ‘too mainstream’ now for the people who liked it in the first place!

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  2. This article makes no sense. What are ‘grimy electronics airy vocals’?

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