HERE Maps, a real contender to Google?

Will newly released HERE Maps be able to compete against the massively popular Google Maps?

Photo Credit: Nokia RSA

Photo Credit: Nokia RSA

The smartphone applications market is one of the toughest and most competitive markets of the present day. It is currently dominated by Google, with a focus on huge databases and revolutionary interfaces that are to most, if not all, banalities. But new rivals arise every day; with one noticeable contender in the form of HERE Maps. Nokia’s cartography system allows access to 196 countries’ maps, 29,000 3D buildings, and 6,000 shopping centres and airports, all available in 60 different languages (mainly for navigation). The Finnish Manufacturer spreads its services upon all smartphones, including the new ‘Windows Phone 8’ devices. With Google and Apple under its arm; HERE applications try, and not in vain, to gain a major place amongst its rivals by becoming a commercial argument itself with features such as HERE Maps, HERE Drive +, HERE Transit and HERE CityLens. In addition to this amass of services, HERE Maps uses a LiveSight technology allowing its users to locate specific surroundings whilst PlaceTag highlights user’s personal points of interest.

This aggressive strategy could, over time, tease the concurrence on their own platforms, as Google already does so elegantly with Google Maps on Apple’s own operating software, iOS.

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