The Campaign Manager Diaries: Kallum Taylor

Now then, day ten it is!

After a huge turnout on Monday things have slowed down a little – and it’s clear that students are starting to tire from the constant bombardment of self-promotion! Now’s where it gets potentially awkward.

However, we’ve got to keep going. Yesterday myself and the team covered a whopping 4 colleges and the reception seemed really positive – the extra effort with people who haven’t even thought about voting is genuinely worth it. Aside from the vote, it’s a good way of teasing out some potential interests of them… This is where proper engagement begins.

Had a few interesting incidences in a few kitchens… It appears my print outs of my face have been placed on photos of underwear models… Midway through giving any serious and heart-felt speech – no matter how experienced you might be – this is so, so unsettling!

In a funny way though.

Been a hard day today. Had to juggle campaigning around playing college football and then meeting one of the candidates for the new Vice Chancellorship for an informal chat. Really vital that they see and take YUSU seriously when they arrive. We’re just about in the position to do that – and then really push on once they’re here.

Busy one tonight; with the YUSU Academic Assembly, a Politics Society Debate and then even more campaigning both on and off campus… Very tiring stuff – but nearly every conversation we’re having with students are pretty uplifting!

Thanks for reading, and see you all about soon… Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you like!

Kallum, X

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