The Campaign Manager Diaries: Kallum Taylor

Campaigns update, day 3!

Day number 3 of the slog now; already feels like day number 30! Eating well and getting some good chat with students is the way to do this kinda thing I’ve learned!

We’ve really tried to blitz the awareness now, and the slogans caught on quite well, as have, more importantly, the policies!

Having spoken in halls, in lecture theatres (and obviously last night’s BIG debate) the policies which seem to be ringing most bells with people, so far, are the ones centred around “wellbeing not just welfare”, the student friendly business scheme and the YUSU building on Heslington East.

On the latter policy too, we might just have a break through already…
More to follow on that later this week, mind!

HOWEVER, if you do want to keep a tighter lock on what myself and the Keep Kallum And Carry On team are doing, and I’d love you to do so… Then do ‘like’ the facebook page on or follow the campaign on Twitter simply @KeepKallum. It’s all good. We’ll keep those mediums very busy for you.

Hope the cardboard’s not driving you up the wall too much yet!

Take care,


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