Women’s badminton in Varsity rout

The sole badminton women’s team at Varsity were able to replicate the score-line of the men’s seconds team as they helped York earn three vital points in the tournament


Images: Philippa Grafton

The badminton women’s sole team at Varsity were able to replicate the score-line of the men’s seconds team as they helped York earn three vital points in the tournament.

Team captain Rachael Farrington was first to take the court in her first singles match of the afternoon. Farrington relinquished an early lead in the opening game, after some strong netplay from Hull. Despite this, the York captain fought her way back into the match, reaping the benefits of several excellent drop shots. Farrington won the first comfortably, 21-15.

Farrington carried her form into her second game as she proved her knowledge of the court in a 21-13 victory. She went on her to finish the game in style, going from strength to strength as she crushed her opponent 21-6.

Heather Robertson was lined up as the second singles player of the day against a player that she described as her “arch-nemesis” – her opponent had already beaten her once this season and she was out for revenge. Robertson went on to take vengeance in two swift games as she took control in all areas of the court, winning 21-15, 21-11.

However, Robertson found herself a new nemesis in her second game. Despite forcing her latest arch-rival into several mistakes, her adversary proved too strong at the net and she eventually lost 14-21. Robertson turned things round fantastically in the second game, producing her top form as she forged a 21-11 win. The final set looked to be a very tight encounter and that proved exactly to be the case – the score remained close throughout but her new archenemy just managed to edge a 25-23 victory.

Doubles pair Lucy Rodgers and Alison Cannon were next for York; their comfortable opening game win of 21-12 suggested that this was going to be a trouble-free match, but Hull pulled it back in the second in a very tight game. Fortunately, the pair reasserted their dominance in the third set as their more consistent returns earned them the win with a score of 21-14. Their second tie was even easier as they worked their opposition ragged with some impressive mixed play, winning in straight ends 21-12 and 21-11.

York had already secured victory by the time Blonnie Walsh and Charlie Parker took to the court as they led the match 5-1 overall, but the White Rose pair weren’t going to show Hull any mercy. Walsh and Parker used pure strength to overcome their rival pair 21-7, but complacency let them down in the second set when they were lucky to edge out a 24-22 win to claim the win.

Walsh and Parker resumed their normal dominance in their second encounter, winning the first game 21-8. However, complacency may have got the better of them once again in the second game as they fell to a 21-15 defeat. Regardless, they re-found their form in third, winning 21-9 and concluding another excellent performance from York’s badminton teams at Varsity.

Rachael Farrington, the women’s team captain, told Nouse: “This was roughly what we were expecting. We’ve already played them in the league so we knew roughly what sort of team we were looking at. I’m really pleased with the way everyone played”.

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