Men’s badminton seconds claim easy win


Images: Philippa Grafton

The badminton men’s seconds team put valuable points on the table for York at Varsity as they cruised to a comprehensive victory as Hull struggled to put up a fight.

Hull, however, did show that they may be able to put up a strong challenge when they won the opening game. Johnnie Tam, in the first singles game of the tournament, lost in straight ends 15-21 and 9-21 respectively as his opponent continuously badgered him with some impressive and highly accurate smashes. But Tam did have reasons to rue his performance as he was let down by the slippy and dusty surface in Hull University’s aged local sports hall.

Nevertheless, Tam did bounce back in his second game as his smashes began to find their form, winning the first end 21-16. With his confidence boosted, he began to play with a smile as he carried his flow into the second end, finishing the match with 21-17 victory.

The team’s second singles player, Jay Lee, put on a dominant display against his first opponent with an easy win. Lee asserted authority across the whole court throughout; his fine play at the net earned a 21-13 score in the first set, and he repeated that score in the second by firing a series of undefendable smashes and kills at his opponent.

His second game, conversely, was a much tighter affair. Lee frustrated his opponent in the first end 21-15 in a battle of wits, but his inspired adversary reacted well in the second – he edged out a narrow 26-24 to level the game and force a third end. In a fierce duel between the two, Lee showed true grit as he went on to claim the game with a score of 21-18, despite encountering one farcical moment when the shuttle got caught in the net with neither player sure on how to go about claiming the point.

Doubles pair John Sinclair and David Gardener continued to add points for the White Rose as they cruised to success in both of their doubles matches. Their team work showed as they worked well together, but ultimately their more consistent smashes won them their opening match, with scores of 21-13 and 21-16 respectively. It was much of the same in their second match; the pair reacted quicker to fast play of the game as they sailed to another straight win with scores of 21-15 and 21-18.

It was a similar story for the final doubles pair of Marc Dickinson and Jamie Fulton. Their first game provided spectators with a highly entertaining spectacle. The pair played to each other strengths as Jamie controlled the back of the court whilst Dickinson proved too quick for Hull at the net.

Their determined opponents did well to stay in the game, but York’s consistency won them the first end in a tight 22-20 win. Hull edged the game back in the second end with a 21-15 score. However the York pair pulled themselves together in the final end as they decided the game with 21-11 triumph.

The pair in black and gold carried their form in the final game of the match as a whole, dominating their opponents from beginning to end with scores of 21-10 and 21-11.

Team captain Dickinson reflected on the match by telling Nouse: “It was a good game and the overall score was a good reflection of the game, so I’m pleased with that”.

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