The Campaign Manager Diaries: Thomas Banks

Day 1 in the Big Bro… Oh.

Welcome to my campaign diary. I spent most of the weekend in the run up to the election scrambling for policies, desperately trying to teach myself Photoshop and playing Mario Kart on the N64.

For me, it’s all about keeping it nice and chilled in the build up to something stressful such as an election campaign. With campaigning not even open, and not really fancying breaking that embargo, I decided to concentrate on fine-tuning some of my policies. For example, I spoke to a few of my chums from electronics at length about the realities of my Sorting Hat policy. They told me, in no uncertain terms, we could do it. It won’t quite be as magical as Harry Potter, but by god it’ll be close.

It’s that kind of thing that excites me massively about this election. A chance to really do something that will leave a long lasting effect on the University for when/if I move on after my Presidency.

Apologies for the shortness of this entry, but I’m currently munching on my Weetabix, getting ready to hit the road and get campaigning.

‘Til next time.

T x


  1. This guy is a HERO.

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  2. Love this guy – brings a bit of normality to the elections. Not too serious, and policies that might improve my life!

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