Netball firsts brave performance ends in defeat


York’s netball firsts turned in a brave performance at Varsity yesterday, despite playing a side two leagues above them Nina Pullman’s team offered up a very solid performance that will undoubtedly hearten them going ahead with the season.

Hull came out very strongly, drawing first blood and taking the lead. But York came back very quickly through goal attack Amy Moye in a very intense opening few minutes where both teams were incredibly passionate. But Hull were unrelenting in the first quarter, but it was an impressive feat from York to remain within 9 points of their rivals considering the league differences.

Moye and Bronwen Dalley-Smith were impressive as usual and combined very well to keep York in the game. Hull’s defense were incredibly strong however and continued to cause problems, leaving Moye and goal shooter Emma Loft with very little chance to score. As the first quarter drew to a close Hull were 5-14 ahead.

The second quarter proved difficult again, but York fought hard to keep Hull in check. Loft was on target for her team several times and Georgia Neblett was showing some real heart in her play. Center Charlotte Ferris and goal keeper Lottie Knight both denied Hull goals with some fierce defending that demonstrated York were refusing to lie down.

Moye and Loft combined well to provide their team with a goal, but Hull were continually scoring at the other end and were pulling further and further away, going into half time 25-13 ahead.

The third quarter saw Nina Pullman enter the fray after a lengthy spell out injured much to the delight of the York supporters. She immediately asserted her authority with some exceptional defending to deny Hull another goal. But even the combination of Neblett and Pullman could not prevent Hull from increasing their lead.

The third quarter was marred by a nasty injury to Charlotte Ferris who appeared to either have dislocated her broken her finger after some herculean efforts on the court. The crowd became more hostile following this injury with some fairly unsporting chants coming from the Hull side.

York continued to fight on in the fourth quarter in the face of some dubious umpiring which left Neblett visibly frustrated. As the brutal game came to a close, Lucy Daymond played well in the dying minutes and continually proved York were not a team likely to give up.

As the whistle blew the score stood at 24-63 to Hull but the York players were applauded by their home supporters in recognition of a very challenging match that was always going to be difficult for them.

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