LFW: Friday Round-up

A busy day produced highlights from Timur Kim, Zoe Jordan and Liz Black. India Black brings you the lowdown

Photos by: Agatha Torrance and Lily Grant

The first day of London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013 is completed. I use the word ‘completed’ because it was mission in itself, and an utterly thrilling one. Looking back at this time last year when I was nothing but a wide-eyed fresher being sent off to my first shows, it’s gratifying to see how it’s all come full circle. With thirteen shows lined up for the opening day, and only myself and the Head Photographer having ever set foot near a catwalk before, it was a task and half but everyone from the reporters to the crack team of photographers rose more than admirably to the challenge.

We scored everything from the first show at the British Fashion Council’s Courtyard Show Space (Zoe Jordan opened with a display of sleek monochrome shot through with brilliant orange) to the last at the Fashion Scout (where Nova Chiu bedazzled ethnic fabrics with neon and bells). Personal highlights included the fresh and innovative Mad Hatters Tea Party themed presentation from Liz Black, and getting to interview the designer Timur Kim about how his latest collection evolved. Most gratifying of all though was seeing my avid timetabling and PR sweet-talking come together to get everyone at the right place at the right time with the right ticket.

We’ve still got so much more planned for the rest of this event, and there’s already so much juicy fashion content to look forward to. Look out for our first hand show reports from (deep breath): Zoe Jordan, Bora Asku, Eudon Choi, Jena Theo, Apu Jan, Rohmir, Lug von Siga, Timur Kim, Belle Sauvage, Liz Black, Krystof Strozyna, Runway Collective, and Nova Chiu. On top of all that there’s a wealth of jaw-dropping street style snaps and even a few (minor) celebrity paps. Bring on Day 2!

Video courtesy of the London Fashion Council

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