What’s in your make-up bag?

We rifle through two of the fashion team’s make-up bags for a bit of inspiration for beauty this season

Francesca Butcher – Deputy Fashion Editor

Fran's MUB

I am a hoarder, and the thought of ever throwing anything away is a painful thought. As you can see this doesn’t stop at my make up bag/mountain. To choose three things things I love the most in my make up mound is a difficult one but there are those products which I use day in, day out that I can’t ever imagine not being top of my pile (unlike that electric blue/white eyeshadow duo from YSL, which just seemed such a good idea at the time and I haven’t quite found the occasion for two years later).

First of all preparing your skin for your make up is essential; after exfoliating, cleansing, toning, a good moisturiser and before bed some trusty Sudocrem, a primer is my next step. Mine is always Clarin’s timeless Beauty Flash Balm. It smells great, feels great and makes you look radiant, even after a night in Willow until closing. It doesn’t cover pores, but it provides a smooth base and lets your foundation glide on like a dream.

Next is eyebrows, I am not a fan of the drawn-on-slug look, but I do feel bare without a little bit of eyebrow work in the morning. For this, Benefit’s Brow Zings is just perfect, it has brilliant tweezers, shaping wax, powder to set and brushes all in an adorable compact – for me it’s a must.

Lastly, I love shine. This doesn’t mean pink disco-esque glitter but something more like Bobby Brown’s Shimmer Brick. It comes in a range of shades, from pink hues to warm browns, and provides a subtle yet flattering colour and shimmer. Perfect for highlighting and making you glow.

Rachel Thompson – Fashion Writer


My YSL make up bag (free when I spent £35) consists mainly of Benefit, Rimmel London and Maybelline products. I’m not really one for loads of foundation and blusher, in truth I hardly wear it in the day, but the Benefit pore-fessional is a brilliant cover up slash brightener that makes me look alive but not coloured in. I tend to ‘work the eyes’; I use brow brushes, eye liquid liners and a number of mascaras – Bad gal has to be the most effective and my favourite. I have recently fallen in love with the Topshop crayons, they are so easy to use and come in a range of colours; dramatic without the effort.

I don’t go in for that much designer make up, as there are so many brands offering high quality results without the price. This being said, when it comes to perfume and lipstick you have to spend the money. I’m not entirely sure if I picked my ‘black tie’ extreme lipstick because of the colour, or because of the memorising Dior advert (and the fact the counter beautician gave me a full make over before I even paid!)

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