Review: I Give It A Year

I Give It A Year, the directorial debut from long-time Sacha Baron-Cohen collaborator, offers lots of laughs but isn’t entirely original

igiveitayearDirector: Dan Mazer
Starring: Rafe Spall,Rose Byrne
Length: 98 Minutes
Rating: ★★★☆☆

I Give It a Year has already been prematurely titled the best British film of the year, but given that it’s only February, this crown doesn’t seem so significant. There has been a lot of hype around this British rom-com, or rather, anti rom-com, and the main question on everybody’s lips will be, is it any good? Yes would be the short answer. The premise of a newly-married couple – Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne – realising that they’ve made a mistake and would be better off with other people is entirely believable and carried out with a poignancy sensibly restricted by the comedy genre. The script is sharp with plenty of laughs and cringe-worthy moments, retrospectively a bit awkward watching with my parents. Despite global stars Anna Farris and The Mentalist’s Simon Baker joining the cast as the old ex and the new flame, the film maintains its Britishness, perhaps helped by notable performances from sister Minnie Driver and token inappropriate best man Stephen Merchant. With a lot of publicity and the cast appearing on various chat shows to endorse the film, clearly there was a big push for this film to be a huge economic success but the Box Office suggest that perhaps this won’t be the case. However, its thoughtful insights into the reality of a supposedly fairytale relationship are evocative and cleverly presented, although not entirely original. I Give It a Year is a solid start for British cinema in 2013 and with last year’s British favourite Sightseers appearing at the end of the year, I Give It a Year perhaps heralds a bright year for British films.

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