Looking for Love Potions

All the ingredients you’ll need to get you and your partner in the mood for Valentine’s Day

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You may have noticed a very minor theme of Valentine’s Day running through this edition. You may also have observed in daily life that Valentine’s conveniently revolves around food. Chocolate, heart-shaped biscuits, chocolate roses, sugar mice (for the less mature of us), going out for dinner, you name it, it’s been done.

I also find it interesting that food is used in a subtle way so as to boost libido. Oysters, avocado, asparagus, nutmeg, take your pick.

However I generally find these foods are far more effort than they are worth. Take oysters, for example. Once you’ve smashed them on the floor, broken a couple of flimsy knives and finally managed to prise them open using an iron and a bike lock, the romantic and sexual undertones vibe you carefully fostered with rose petals and music and whatnot has scattered into the four winds. Plus you have inedible oysters. Fail on both counts.

So I decided to avoid the logistical nightmare of food, and turn instead to drinks. What could be easier than a simple cocktail for two? In amongst the plethora of sexual enhancement drinks with such charming names as ‘Horny Goat Weed’ and ‘Rabbit Habbit’, lie some interesting discoveries. Like, for example, who knew that ginseng was a form of aphrodisiac?

Red wine, interestingly, is also an aphrodisiac when drunk in moderation – other than relaxing you it increases blood flow and gets rid of those tiresome inhibitions. ‘In moderation’ being the key bit there; we all know what perils lie in too much alcohol before sex.

Aniseed works too, but this is not an excuse for the Willow-eager among us – Sambuca of the quality found in that particular establishment may make you feel like the sexiest goddess on earth, but only until you look at the photos the next day.

Almonds are also a notorious aphrodisiac – slip some amaretto into your hot chocolate (also a turn-on) and see the effects unfold.

Whether or not drinks flavoured like these foods do actually have the same effect or not, I cannot vouch for. But if you chink the red wine glasses together this Thursday over your avocado, asparagus and nutmeg dish, and find a mysterious bottle of amaretto nestling in the cupboard to go with the chocolate fondant, perhaps you’ve got your night made.

Or alternatively, just go out for dinner like everyone else.

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