Fashion Society

The word fashion generates different responses. For some it represents the fad, others: skinny models on the catwalk. For me fashion is expression. Fashion is a tool that can help us express our emotions, thoughts, views. It is about defining yourself. Dressing well gives me confidence. If I look good, I feel good.

The way we dress and behave is a large part of the way people do perceive us. But we at the Fashion Society of University of York believe fashion is expressing what is on the inside, to the outer world . There is so much more to it than just designer labels and high prices. It is about the creativity behind the whole process. Studding, sewing. Creating your own look.

Looking good and dressing well is not about spending large amounts of money but about finding the right clothes, at the right prices. Often nothing can compare to a vintage dress, bought from a thrift store, or that dress that you either beaded or altered to give it a unique look. We at Fashion Society believe that if a small thing like a cute dress or a new pair of heels can give you the confidence to take on the world, then why not?

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