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Monday. Up earlier today – probably why I spilt porridge on myself. Might stain, but it’s an old t-shirt. Two jumpers AND a duffle coat over it, still shivering on my way to JBM. Machine-churned caffeinated diarrhoea in a cup solves this. In by 8.30am, and the Jacques Lacan is right where I left it on the wrong shelf. Winning. Long do so had fish and chips as a treat.

Tuesday. Got a nice smile coming into JBM today. But not from the guy at the desk. “I’m afraid you’re being fined, your book’s overdue”. You know what else is overdue? Your sense of compassion. Had an oblique look at some Robert Doisseau before Lacan this morning. And read some Laura Mulvey. Must procrastinate less pretentiously. Fun chat with Housemate about Transgate. She reckons someone’ll get the chop. Found this thing called Spotted on FB. Not sure how I feel about it.

Wednesday. Studious fitty opposite me in JBM. Caught each others’ eye (several) times but I had to leave for Mulvey lecture. I did check Spotted. Just in case.

Thursday. Got lots of looks today (the good kind – I think). Maybe it’s my hair, I did have it cut this week. Might go shopping tomorrow. Not very productive today though. Facebook every couple of hours. That’s a lie, Facebook every half hour. I think one of the Spotted updates was about me. I’ll hit the shops tomorrow.

Friday. Smashed the January sales in the morning; definitely got more looks in JBM. I am Hunter, finder of bargains. Couldn’t concentrate on reading cos I’m pretty sure people on the table next door here whispering about me. Checked Spotted. Also, toilets smelt like site of biological warfare so I posted about it. Got 20 likes and counting. Winning.

Saturday. Was freezing walking in today. Spared the jumpers cos they look bulky under my duffle coat. Harry Fairhurst is always warm though. And more people there too. Bet I had one or two things said about me. I’m starting to be able to tell when people are looking too. I don’t catch their eyes, but it’s just so obvious that they’ve looked away quickly. And one of the updates today HAD to be about me. Hilarious post in Harry Fairhurst page too… A couple of girls obviously got dressed with the lights off. Twelve likes.

Sunday. Hardly anyone in today, so boring. Bad mood as well – fitty from Wednesday still hasn’t got back to me. And God some people really need to diet! He was eating a sausage roll. And not neatly. Another girl sat there chugging Red Bull like a pelican. So unattractive. After the fifth she was shaking so much she could barely hold a pen. I’ll post it. Classic Spotted.

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