Review: Is It Just Me!

Awkward and hilarious, award-winning comic has scored a hit with this light and frivolous autobiography


Author: Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart has fast become a star of the British comedy scene. Capitalising on this success, Hart recently released her first autobiography: Is It Just Me? Far from a traditional autobiography, this is a romp through all those awkward moments that you just really hope don’t happen to you (and normally they don’t). From talk of her attempts to avoid awkwardness at posh parties by mimicking people more intelligent than her in a voice that suggests “don’t get me started on that one” (ending in her shouting with shocked outrage “Where is the loo?”) to discussions of meeting French and Saunders with a distinctly moist upper lip, reading this book will certainly not give you a blow by blow account of Hart’s life but it will leave you with the feeling of had a good long chat with a close friend whose birthday you don’t know but whose bra size you do.

Narrated (and illustrated) fondly by Hart to her teenage self, this is nostalgia in book form. Unfortunately, it’s not faultless. Although the style of writing is so similar to her spoken comedy that it is impossible not to imagine her voice, it fails to translate successfully onto the page. Scenes which might be hilarious in her sitcom leave a feeling of a GCSE creative writing student, not an award winning comedian. That said, as light reading goes, it’s sort of like a soothing cup of tea for the brain. Peppered with awkward checklists and missions for embarrassment, this is the sort of book that you can’t put down and you’re just not sure why. It holds a wealth of embarrassing moments you thought you’d forgotten, spun with the self deprecating wit that is so distinctive to Hart.

Although it might not leave you a changed person, it provides a smile and the knowledge that there is someone in this world more awkward than you. Reassuring as a hug from your mum after you just face planted in front of the whole school, it will leave you cringing and giggling along, and if that’s not what every student is looking for, then maybe it is just me!

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