Meatless Mondays: Japanese Soba Bowl

We begin our Meatless Mondays with a delicious and simple Japanese recipe. Cheap and healthy to boot

Meatless Monday is a concept started in USA in 2003 that gained international recognition after Paul McCartney and his daughters started in 2009. According to Sir Paul, it is an attempt to address “not only pollution, but better health, the ethical treatment of animals, global hunger and community and political activism.” It also helps with those post-Christmas diets.

Today, we will be kicking off the NOUSE Meatless Mondays series, which will feature vegetarian and vegan recipes from students around the University, tips on eco-living and possibly even vegetarian friendly restaurant reviews. Going meatless does not mean living on salads and cheese toasties, and this column will seek to recreate traditional favourites and convert even the carnivores around to go meatless, just once a week for starters.

As students, we are always looking for fuss-free meals that require little effort and even less washing up and today, I’ll be sharing my favourite versatile one-pot meal; Japanese soba bowl topped with edamame, tomatoes and dumplings

Serves two (or one very hungry girl)

A bunch of soba noodles
½ cup frozen edamame beans
3 frozen vegetarian dumplings
¼ block of tofu
Cherry tomatoes (or any other vegetables you fancy!)
Toasted sesame seeds
Soy sauce / soba dressing
Chilli flakes (optional)
Japanese pickled ginger (optional)

1.Fill a saucepan with boiling water, add the soba, edamame beans, dumplings and sprinkle salt over the pot.
2.While waiting for the noodles to cook, cut the tofu into small cubes and prepare dressing of soy sauce, sesame seeds and chilli flakes to taste.
3.After about 5 minutes, or once the noodles are al dente, pour the pot over a colander and run it over cold water to stop the noodles from cooking
4.Drain, mix with tomatos, top with more sesame seeds and serve!

All the ingredients can be found at sc-oop (Wednesdays & Fridays, Wentworth College) or Chi Yip Supermarket (George Hudson Street)

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