Sexual harassment claims against ‘Spotted’ York

Amid sexual harassment claims, controversial Facebook page stops posting messages

University of York Library. Credit: University of York

University of York Library. Credit: University of York

Coming under fire over claims of promoting sexual harassment, the Facebook page Spotted: University of York Library has stopped posting messages.

The Spotted: York page invites students to contact them if there is “Somebody catching your eye in JB or Harry Fairhurst” or if they have “decent library banter to share”. The site then anonymously posts the students comments.

The Spotted: York page is part of a trend, with similar pages cropping up within universities all over the country. Despite having only been created on December 17th the York page has now gained over 2,500 likes.

Student Anjali Vyas-Brannick has set up a campaign entitled ‘Stopped’, calling for moderation of the Spotted: York site. The group had planned to send a message en masse to the creators of the site, explaining their opposition to the “sexual harassment” and “body-shaming” that they claim the site promotes. The Facebook site for the campaign states:

“Not all of the posts on this page are awful, in fact, one just now is trying to help someone locate a lost study buddy (or friend or something). But the sad part is there is way too much body-shaming and silent cat-calling going on. Cat calling is sexual harrassment. Everyone has a right to work in a space where this sort of thing does not happen. Let’s make it so.

“I’ve spoken to too many women who now feel uncomfortable at the prospect of being watched in the library, or have even felt the need to dress differently or wear make up when they never have before.”

The owners of the Spotted: York page last night posted a statement in response to this criticism:

“Many of you will know that this page has come under fierce criticism for its content over the last couple of days via a petition against it on another Facebook. It is true that everybody has the right to a study environment without fear of judgement which we agree completely with, and along the way we had to filter out and ignore many messages that crossed the line of simply inappropriate or outright bullying. We never intended for anybody to take any offense, feel intimidated or upset as a result of the page or its posts; that is not at all what we were about. We simply wanted to give people the chance to have a little bit of a laugh and maybe even feel a little flattered if they got a nice post about them.

Because of the petition against it and the concerns raised, WE ARE NO LONGER POSTING MESSAGES. It is simply not worth the trouble and is a waste of everybody’s energy, especially at this time of year when everybody is revising. That is not to say we will not resume at some point, however we would have to look in to some form of moderation to prevent the problem from surfacing again. Thanks.”

They have since deleted all of the previous posts on the page.

Vyas-Brannick responded to the actions of the Spotted: York site with a statement on the Stopped Facebook page:

“They’ve responded maturely and sensibly, and have happily proved that sometimes people just make errors of judgement, and aren’t actually just the “trolls” that some people were hoping for/dreading. This is also a good thing, because it means our fellow students are good people who listen to others. Hooray :)

Personally I still feel the need to send a message on an individual level. Clearly I’ll alter what I will send based on what they’ve posted, but I will still be sending something on Wednesday.”

However, other students have defended the Spotted: York site against these claims of sexual harassment. Jordan Gillies commented on the Stopped campaign’s Facebook page:

“It puts a light funny spin on a really tedious day and whilst it may seem like sexual harrasment the majority of them are done between friends and people that know each other for a wind up and it’s funny and taken in good jest.”

“Lighten up, don’t take it seriously and start acting like a student…”

In response to the claims that the messages posted on the Spotted page were simply a joke and that the campaigners should “lighten up”, Vyas-Brannick commented:

“to anyone who thinks I or anyone else here should (as someone below has summed up neatly) “lighten up, [not] take it seriously and start acting like a student” I would like to respond as follows:
– No.
– No.
– I don’t even know what a student’s supposed to act like. I’m an individual who will chat and work and drink and do all-nighters on essays and not always do the reading and party and finish stuff at the last minute and speak and protest and maybe try to make the world a better place all at the same time. It seems a lot of other people feel the same. If this makes us students by your definition no longer, then I’m not sure I like what a student *ought* to be, and I’m very glad to act like me. As I’m sure many of you are glad to act like yourselves and no one else.

“This is not about defining who we are and what we should be. This is about being considerate to every individual, however they should define themselves and ensuring that they feel comfortable enough to express this.”

Despite the closure of the Spotted: University of York Library site a copycat version has already sprung up. Spotted in The Harry Fairhurst Library-York has already gained over 500 likes and posts similar messages to those which appeared on the original Spotted: University of York Library site.


  1. Yawn. Yet another silly yet somewhat amusing trend is shut down by campus whingers.
    Go find something worthwhile to protest about.

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  2. York is such a boring university.

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  3. Another pertinent triumph for gender equality on Campus.

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  4. Never mind ‘Spotted’ – this article is the most dull thing I’ve read. Sort out your news writing!!

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  5. 7 Jan ’13 at 12:41 pm

    Steve Brookstein

    God, people here just can’t take banter. Honestly, you are all pathetic! It’s just a joke! Get a sense of humour! I don’t understand. Why did you leave daddy! WHY DIDN’T YOU LOVE ME?

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  6. Wow. Talk about petty whining. Grow up for god sake. If you can’t handle the banter no one is asking you to read the messages.

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  7. I agree with Steve and Dan – why can’t people just shut up about sexual harassment?

    If the feminists get their way we won’t have anywhere to anonymously harass or publicly judge student’s bodies/dress sense/bathroom habits while they sit there in the library – just asking for it.

    If students didn’t want to be publicly mocked or leered at or rated or criticised why did they go to the library in the first pace?

    After all it’s just a joke isn’t it, sexual harassment.

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  8. @ Steve

    I enjoy a good bit of banter as much as the next person, but it relies heavily on context and knowledge of the people involved. This is hard to communicate on an anonymous site. A comment that may well have been meant in a light hearted and jokey manner can be easily misconstrued by the subject as offensive and hurtful.

    That being said some of the comments on the site went beyond this. In the last day there had been messages shaming peoples style of dress and body and examples of cat-calling at people with ‘nice tits’ and ‘a good arse’ (the latter at both guys and girls). This does constitute harassment and people have expressed to me on previous occasions a growing worry since the site opened of being watched and objectified by people.

    As the article above has stated, the campaign was not looking to stop the ‘fun’ of the site, simply looking for better moderation of the comments posted. Spotted’s response was excellent, mature and well-measured. The site will be re-opening, according to it’s post, after the exam period (so sometime next week presumably).

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  9. Yet again Nouse manage to write a boring article, based on left wing bullshit. Nobody is allowed an opinion even if it is humorous. It is a joke. If you get offended by the offchance they write something about you. grow up. you are an adult. go to the workplace and realise that this actually happens day in. day out. its how the world is. Honestly. And Nouse why dont you stop trying to be the bloody Guardian and write articles the students want to read. Genuinely not surprised at this in the slightest.

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  10. 7 Jan ’13 at 1:32 pm

    Really bored of this now

    Once again people’s basic right to freedom of speech is sold down the river because the lobby of private school, fairweather, feminist posers who seem to not only run this newspaper but also the entire University have gone crying to their mummies about the fact that young men, no i’m sorry “bantarrr lads” apparently have fairly active sexual libidos. Let’s get Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in too moderate all campus media to make sure it’s all in keeping with our state enforced new 21st century bubblegum rainbow nation. Maybe we could burn the York Tories and all the University sports teams in a big wicker man while were at it.

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  11. 7 Jan ’13 at 1:36 pm

    Sandy the Swimmer

    I’m glad they’ve stopped this Facebook page. It may seem to be a joke but allowing this kind of page to exist just promotes sexism on both sides which isn’t fair. I just think the people complaining about it being shut down are not looking at the bigger picture and what this kind of page promotes. This university is supposed to be one of the best in the country, full of the cleverest and most educated people. If we cannot take gender equality seriously then it says a lot about our country as a whole, especially the education system. Also before someone says that this is yet another ‘Left wing, bullshit feminist comment’. I am a man who has a moustache similar to Field Marshal Haig.

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  12. Although I agree that this is an example of feminists/ dull people being pedantic and annoying… What other examples of similar things to this happening in York? I can’t actually think of anything else, am wondering

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  13. I agree with the Gordon. Bullying is so much fun! For example, the other day I saw a person with a big nose, so I chased him down the street yelling “big nose! big nose!” and updated my google plus account with pictures of his big nose. Then when he turned round to ask me to stop I told him it was only banter and then proceeded to go online and complain about it. If he didn’t want people to talk about his big nose he should cover it up, or even better, be an entirely different person. I for one believe the more forums there are for bullying the better.

    On a lighter note I do think spotted’s response was completely fair and whoever is in charge of that account has my respect for stopping when asked.

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  14. Why do people always make it out to be a war between the “banta lads” and the boring feminists? Can’t people feel uncomfortable with something and voice their opinion without being labelled one or the other? For god’s sake, yes the page was a laugh, but I can completely see why it was getting out of hand. The library is, at the end of the day, a place to study and work, without worrying about being ogled at or commented on online anonymously. People are starting to dress up more when they go to the library which is just sad. It’s just pretty distracting all round – the library should be the one place we can go just to solely focus on our degrees, not getting laid. Get a social life…

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  15. When I found out that this facebook page had caused offence and in turn had been closed down I was not in the least bit suprised. My comment on the post when they explained why they were closing I still stand by. For those who did not see it here it is, “Well what a surprise. At a time where you can get arrested for having an opinion and voicing it via social media. Fuck my dog. Lets all just sit in our rooms alone and never think or have opinions and let the state rule what we can and cannot think”. Whilst I do not have a dog, and am not advocating any animal sexual activity. I must say this incase Nouse write an article about how students are promoting beastiality. It is just utterly ludicrous. There is a similar “Spotted” for most universities in the country, here is an example of one post from the Edinburgh site “To the girl who looks identical to Eric Cartman from South Park, I’d give you an anal probe.” This could be deemed offensive but it seems that close to 7000 students ‘one of the best in the country’ dont agree. But many thanks to Nouse for helping me with my politics essay on Marxism, it has helped a hell of a lot.

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  16. Banter between friends is fine, within limits.
    Banter to strangers you have never met, behind their backs and autonomously doesn’t exist. It’s not banter, it’s bullying.

    One comment made was that some of the worst ones were simply people posting about their friends as a joke. That may seem fine to you and to them, but I don’t know that. For all I know I could be the next person insulted or leered at by you. That makes me uncomfortable and had stopped me going to the library.

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  17. Its a good thing its stopped people going to the lib, its too busy anyway. wins all round.

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  18. I love all the comments complaining “THE STATE IS TAKING AWAY MUH FREEDOMS!!!”

    1. The campaign against spotted had nothing to do with either the state or campus authorities, it was literally a group of students who were fed up with sexual harassment and bullying.

    2. You have a right to free speech, you do not have a right to be published. The campaign against spotted was against a page publishing bullying and harassing comments. It was telling the publisher to stop publishing certain things as those thing were unacceptable. No one is stopping you from writing the same objectifying, bullying ‘banter’, you’ll just have to do it on your own facebook page, where everyone can see what a horrible person you are. But hey, if there’s really nothing wrong with banter I’m sure you won’t mind

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  19. Clearly everyone is procrastinating.

    Someone once said in universities that everyone moans so much because the stakes are so low.

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  20. Seemingly every other university in the country has one without people taking it far too seriously. Its just to lighten the mood and there were plenty of posts from girls on it about guys. It has not been a one way street despite one way complaints.

    Its just a laugh, to lighten a pretty dull place.

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  21. 7 Jan ’13 at 2:43 pm

    Donald Donaldson

    Somewhat boring read; still constructed (marginally) better than Vision’s equivalent article, though.

    I, and I’m sure many other people, would like to know just how many signatures were on this petition at the time the page shut down. Considering Spotted had over 2,500 likes by the end of yesterday would suggest that a vast number of the student body take no offence and find little/no fault with the page.

    God forbid anything that makes the general stress of a degree (not to mention a solid week of exams) that much more bearable… or, in fact, promotes the growth of a genuine, organic student community.

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  22. There’s another one now for Heslington East…

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  23. 7 Jan ’13 at 3:00 pm

    Amused Spectator

    I’d just like to point out to everyone complaining about this being against their freedom of speech etc etc, that, unfortunately, unaware as you may be, you don’t actually ‘have’ freedom of speech to start with.

    There are all sorts of limitations on what you can and can’t say.

    So please. Get your facts straight first:
    America may have freedom of speech – we do not. It’s the reason we’re able to prosecute people for threatening/abusing others, inciting racial hatred, the list goes on.

    I imagine some people will think it’s a minor point, but it really is frustrating and automatically has a bad impact on the rest of your argument, as you’ve already shown your ignorance.

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  24. 7 Jan ’13 at 3:09 pm

    Oleg Grigoriev

    Fraternal greetings Tom A-C!
    As someone who for many years has tried to eradicate bourgeois imperialism in the world in general and the Heslington area in particular I commend you for having seen through our elaborate ruse! You alone have deduced that the collapse of The Eastern Bloc was a gigantic hoax and that Marxist revolutionaries are attempting to erect a system of state control through capturing Nouse (Truly the most important vehicle in shaping the opinions of the global masses) for our own infernal purposes.

    Out of all the decadent capitalist scum, you are the only one to have discovered our tactical strike on the last bastion of western freedom, “library bants”. Rather than a spontaneous demonstration of student feeling, “Stopped” was but another horrific cog in the carriage clock of our evil plans. Even as I type this, comrades of mine will be raising glasses of Victory Vodka to the imminent totalitarianism shutting down “Spotted” will bring. In years to come you as you slave away building granite monuments to Lenin and Stalin in one of our communist death camps you will moan in a pitiful manner “If only people had listened to me! If only we’d defended our inalienable right to make women uncomfortable in places of study! Why, oh why did nobody heed my call?” You will look for solace in that comment by the Edinburgh student, but after years of grinding labour you will barely be able to remember.

    Enjoy your moment of clarity comrade, it shall be far too brief.
    Yours nefariously
    Oleg Grigoriev

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  25. Small University syndrome; small minds too worried to offend anyone talking about small things.

    If you don’t like it don’t read it.

    All the ‘sexist’ judgement happens regardless it being given a public platform.

    People complaining are blatantly below 5/10..

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  26. When will someone do what is inevitable and make Spotted: In Willow

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  27. I have to say I feel rather sorry for all these people for whom anonymous sexual harassment and bullying are the only ways to brighten up an otherwise ‘dull’ university experience. Might I suggest getting a hobby?

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  28. “Once again people’s basic right to freedom of speech is sold down the river because the lobby of private school, fairweather, feminist posers”

    1) I didn’t…I didn’t go to private school I went to my local comprehensive. I’m not sure what your point here is, other than just generally to be a bit of an aggressive weirdo who doesn’t know what they’re on about.

    2) Freedom of speech? Pfft. If you went up to someone in the library and said that some of the things that were said on the Spotted page you’d get reported and, if you persisted, a sexual harrassment warning slapped on you for good measure. Gotta love it when people crack out the good old “FoS” argument with no knowledge or understanding of what the law actually means; i.e. that you should be able to hold/express any political viewpoint you wish. It is supposed to be a defense against fascism. This is why things such as incitement and, er, harrassment are illegal. I know you funny little “Bantaar boys” (sorry, what?) like to use to call us fun hating feminists “Feminazis”, but I think you’ll agree objecting to sexual harrassment isn’t quite the same as invading poland. Get over yourself. And for all you saying “But you’re stopping us from having opinions”, no, harrassment is not an opinion.

    3) Talking of “basic rights” what about my right to feel safe in the library? To you it’s just a “bit of bantar”, but it’s an anonymous note, we don’t know who’s writing these or what they’r actually capable of. I personally wouldn’t feel safe walking home from a dark library having recieved a creepy anonymous message.

    4) Why is this a gender issue? I’m a woman and a feminist, and I don’t think men should have to deal with sexual harrassment or body shaming either. Yes, a lot of the most explicit comments have been about women, but why is this being turned into “Humourless Marxist feminazis vs. teh menz?”

    “the entire University have gone crying to their mummies about the fact that young men, no i’m sorry “bantarrr lads” apparently have fairly active sexual libidos.”

    There’s nothing wrong with having an active sexual libido, male or female. My sexual libido is very active thank you very much, and yet somehow I manage to walk past attractive men without feeling the need to bodyshame and harrass them. As do many of my male friends.

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  29. “we don’t know who’s writing these or what they’r actually capable of. I personally wouldn’t feel safe walking home from a dark library having recieved a creepy anonymous message.”
    Probably capable of a degree, albeit a 2.2 as they spend their time thinking up messages. Secondly the library is not dark, it is quite well lit, which is beneficial seeing as if it was dark as you mentioned people would not be able to see the books they want to read. Would you really not feel safe walking home if someone posted a comment along the lines of “to the girl reading Henry V i wish you were my wife”. Really? If so then I would give you some warning on the real world. Its not a lovely place out there, there are far more dangerous and scary things than someone writing a comment which 2,500 people think is amusing. I love how the majority of the comments on this paper who are against spotted in the library are too cowardly to use their real name. I have an essay to do so this will be my final piece. Its a shame that this escalated from some harmless fun, to a petition, which I cannot find and would like to see, to an argument of such between those who agree and those who don’t. The rolling stones had a song called you can’t always get what you want, this is true. Some wanted the site taken down, some didnt. sometimes you win sometimes you lose. But nevertheless this has entertained me NO end. Kind Regards

    Tom A-C

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  31. “Secondly the library is not dark, it is quite well lit, which is beneficial seeing as if it was dark as you mentioned people would not be able to see the books they want to read”

    Really? This is what you have to pull up? I thought it was fairly obvious from the context that I meant dark as in at nighttime, as in it would be dark outside.

    “Would you really not feel safe walking home if someone posted a comment along the lines of “to the girl reading Henry V i wish you were my wife”. Really?”

    No, I wouldn’t. I would however feel unsafe with someone posting explicitly sexual comments however. Again, I assumed this much was obvious, but apparently not.

    ” If so then I would give you some warning on the real world. Its not a lovely place out there, there are far more dangerous and scary things than someone writing a comment which 2,500 people think is amusing.”

    Yes actually, I have found this out myself thank you very much. Unfortunately that means that when an anonymous person writes explicitly sexual things about me, and I do not know who they are or what they could do (even if it is very likely that they are completely harmless) I do not feel safe walking home alone afterwards. As you say, the world is not safe, and having already experienced some dangerous and scary things, this why I do not feel safe being commented on sexually. This is why I’d rather not use my full name when discussing this, because on this particular topic I would rather retain a certain level of anonymity because some of my reasons for feeling uncomforable are quite personal, rather than a personal cowardice on my part. I hope you can understand this.

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  32. “No, I wouldn’t” – sorry, should have re-read that. I meant to say “no” as in “no, this wouldn’t bother me”.

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  33. @ Tom A-c

    I think the point that was being made wasn’t that the library isn’t well lit, but that going home from it is not well lit (if you have walked along university road at night, and even the area around the drama barn, you will know what I mean). As to the comment that you have suggested, this does seem fairly innocuous, however items such as ‘I think the person in the bathroom in harry fairhurst is constipated’ is body shaming, ‘the person in the tight tshirt has a nice pair, I would do them’ is harassment.

    As to the fact that 2500 people like the page and find it amusing.

    Firstly you cannot guarantee that. Some people are on the page because they are worried about being spied upon and want to know what people are saying about them. This conditions behaviour into one of unease and conformity, which is not pleasant. This is not to say that there weren’t genuinely nice comments on the site (x person was looking good, y person has beautiful eyes, z looks hot), some funny jokes (just saw someone put an economics book in the us politics section) and helpful items (can’t find my study group, lost my headphones).

    Secondly, just because a majority find something right or amusing doesn’t mean it is. In the 1800’s a majority of people thought that women should not be able to vote because they were emotional and irrational, that homosexuality was a disease and a crime, and that criminal tendencies were conditioned by genetics and could be identified in cranial types. These are not views held today, but a majority supported them, does this make them right?

    I don’t think anybody actually wanted the site taken down, we just asked for better moderation of inappropriate comments.

    I might note that you yourself have not used your full name, as I know many Tom’s, and that other people on here have similarly used their first names only, or nicknames, from both sides of the argument, and that point seems entirely irrelevant to the issue at hand, which is abuse and harassment on a site which could otherwise be fun.

    I wish you all the very best with your essay :) good luck!

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  34. @Will O..

    You make some valid points, regarding support. Agreed that mass approval does not make it ok or acceptable. And obviously the point I made about the lighting was me just being a facetious dickhead, and I do realise that the at night if I was a girl I would probably feel uncomfortable walking alone down some streets. Infact I WAS walking alone last night and got abused by some locals. Not a very night experience. I stand by my point that this has gotten out of hand. Yes some of the comments could be perceived as harassment and offending, but as we all know offence is a personal issue and everyone gets offended or doesnt for various reasons. To be honest I am only writing this and being a twat because I refuse to write my essay. In response to your final point. My name is Thomas Peter William Armston-Clarke, or Tom A-C which I am on facebook and on one of the websites which I write for. I really should escape this he said she said debate. we are all right and we are all wrong. thats politics. thats the world. and thats a f***ing wrap.

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  35. 7 Jan ’13 at 6:39 pm

    World calling

    Good to see that the stuff that really matters is being solved. No longer will the easily offended have to cry long into the night worrying that someone on Facebook might be saying something mean in an anonymous forum.

    In fact, knowing that someone, somewhere is looking out for those struggling to grow a backbone makes me glad that situations where people are literally being killed, raped, kidnapped or abused every day in country such as Syria, Mali or Liberia (to name a few) are getting ignored.

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  36. 7 Jan ’13 at 6:50 pm

    @World Calling

    To quote somebody in the event page itself, “Also the “there are more important things” arguement is completely valid. We should all go feed Africa RIGHT F****** NOW. THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING WHILE WE ARGUE SEXISM LET’S CHARTER A PLANE.”

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  37. How on earth are we going to climb up the #Unay Shagging Rankings if we keep closing gold like this down?

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  38. 7 Jan ’13 at 7:14 pm

    @@World calling

    We can at least compromise and have the discussion on the plane over there.

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  39. 8 Jan ’13 at 1:52 am

    Matt Sharp's respectable twin

    @tom a-c I think I can speak for over 7000 students when I say I want you to leave this university and never come back.

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  40. 8 Jan ’13 at 3:31 pm

    Amanda Preston

    You know what always gets me about people, like mr. “World Calling” up there? They always post this stuff on articles about feminism. (well, supposedly about feminism, though the campaign was clear from the beginning that it was against harrassment of men AND women) If you’re that worried that people aren’t working on what you deem to be the “important” things in the world, why don’t you go copy and paste your wise words onto blogs on the “muse” section of this site? Fuckit, why don’t you drop out of uni, quit trolling nouse, and go save the world yourself? Oooh, I get it, being involved in something which doesn’t directly try to stop world hunger is only a waste of time if it asks you to change something in your attitudes. Duly noted.

    Also, believe it or not it is actually possible for people to care about feminism and world hunger AT THE SAME TIME. It’s almost like the two aren’t mutually exclusive, and are maybe even intersectional. Isn’t that WEIRD?

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  41. Matt Sharp’s respectable twin.

    You support censoring people who “insult” people anonymously, and then go onto the Nouse comments and insult people anonymously who disagree with your opinion you loathsome hypocrite.

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  42. Damn it, I knew the twins weren’t quite ready to face the world.

    Back to the cellar for them.

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  43. Ultimatly, in the library if your bored, your eyes are gonna wonder, I personally like to sit under the stairs so i can catch some fine york upskirt. perfect wb material. What you dont know wont hurt you, so if people thnk they will get offended, then they shouldnt go looking for it. The only people who should go on there are those that are looking for a laugh and can take the banter. Like me. I have the biggest banter stick.

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  44. Peoples’ feelings are very easy to hurt at this uni. It makes me worry about how you’ll all cope when you leave university and go into the world of work. Hopefully you’ll never have to face genuine sexual harassment, but if you do I think you’ll probably have a damn hard time dealing with it if a facebook page with things like “Girl in the yellow sweater, I like you” and “You’re the spitting image of Predator. Please don’t make eye contact again” upsets you this much. I’d personally laugh my head off if the 2nd one was aimed at me.

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  45. Small campus, small minds.

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  46. What captivating, relevant input, Anon. Thank you.

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  47. @Panth

    I do not think it legitimate, or a particularly admirable sentiment, to declare sexualised public shaming trivial and/or acceptable, and tirade against the victims of such, because you think they will face worse in the future.

    People have a reasonable claim, within an explicitly public and shared space, to a right of privacy from being the subject of sexualised anonymous comments for supposed ‘fun’; it is simply unfair otherwise, besides being demeaning and attaching to a repellent culture of casual objectification.

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  48. Yo, listen up, bludfires, and listen up good,
    Skanky Dan MC is here, straight from the hood;
    If you wanna take a seat, I’ll take you back to school,
    You won’t need a pen or notebook, you just need to listen, fool
    You see you, like me, have gotta use ur brain,
    If youse carry on commentin’ I fink I’ll go insane;
    If dere’s one fing I can’t stand more-than-a-no-ther fing on Earth:
    It’s yo’ wastemans and gyaldem who chat like dis ur turf.
    When, in actuality, mandem, dats wrong;
    In case you were confuséd, blud, man wrote you dis song
    To provide a little wisdom, help you see your black from white,
    And one day soon, you’ll see, you’ll know your wrongs from your rights.

    In conclusion, my homies, I suppose I ought to say:
    Thanks for your attention, Skanky Dan must bounce away!
    But don’t worry, my disciples, if I’ve touched a raw nerve:
    I’m the hero Nouse needs, not the hero it deserves.


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  49. 2 Aug ’15 at 9:07 pm

    Anthony Barretta

    Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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