The Playlist: A Celebration of 2012

It’s the end of the year! Congratulations. Why not let Nouse dictate your listening habits for the next hour or so…what’s the worst that could happen?

It’s the end of the year! Congratulations. You’ve survived another one despite the Ouse’s attempted assault on the Lowther and the predatory ducks of campus. So it’s time to celebrate in the only way mankind seems to know – getting drunk – with the added fun of counting down to an hour half way through the night.

But before hitting the town, why not risk letting Nouse dictate your listening habits for the next hour or so – what’s the worst that could happen?

We have here for you a collection of the best and biggest tunes of 2012 to get your new years off to a groove. With the combined efforts of music and Muse team members, there should be something for everyone. Enjoy!

1. Disclosure ft. Sam Smith – ‘Latch’
After a verse of relative tranquillity comes a wailing chorus courtesy of trademark Sam Smith howl. With the change coming in pitch rather than tempo, ‘Latch’ stands away from other noises made in 2012. Chris Morris

2. Justin Timberlake & Motez – ‘Like I Love You’ (Motez Edit)
One for the Future pop/deep house fans here: an irresistible reworking of the JT classic which rips out the Neptunes’s spainish guitar-led production and replaces it with garage hand-claps and some dark dark synth chords. My itunes has this labelled as “Sex House” – the start of something big? Rory Foster

3. Bingo Players – ‘Rattle’
Having allowed both Flo Rida and Far East Movement to decimate their music, Bingo Players’ best effort comes in the form a House track whose only vocals include the occasional ‘Get Up!’ between the odd ‘woo’. As descriptive as that is, ‘Rattle’ is a relentless summer club favourite with no real structure, and whistling its tune on New Years’ Day is almost guaranteed. CM

4. Van She – ‘Jamaica’

Self-describing as ‘fresher than the Fresh Prince’ is quite a claim by any standards. But somehow the Australian electro-pop group, Van She have lived up to their hype, as their playful new track is guaranteed to get you dancing strong and shaking those winter cob-webs off. Listen out for the xylophone tones that crop up at intervals – absolutely addictive. Mary O’Connor

5. Rudimental – ‘Feel the Love’
The Hackney boys have been making big waves this year with their drum n bass, with this track shooting straight to no.1 last May. Featuring John Newman injecting with some wonderful soul to the track, you’ll be hard pushed not to hear this at least once per club. Agatha Torrance

6. Knife Party – ‘Sleaze’
The reason behind Pendulum’s eventual downfall, Knife Party’s still varied electro/dubstep/house arsenal includes ‘Sleaze’, a lyrically-lacking yet wholly aggressive EP-only track. An ominous build ploughs through thick bass, dropping into persistent electro that even includes a bit of funk. One for the subwoofer. CM

7. Jai Paul – ‘Jasmine’
It’s a bit of a dark horse at first; that pulsating, hypnotising bass; that cheeky tom tom riff, but then by the time the funk hits, you’re lost in the grove. Jai Paul continues to be a one song a year kind of guy, but what a song. RF

8. M83 – ‘Midnight City’ (Eric Prydz remix)
Upbeat, high-tempo remix of an indie-dance track. A remixing that dispenses of the majority of vocals and saxophone and utilises only the chorus, Eric Prydz gives new urgency to a song that must have featured prominently on the in-store River Island playlist. CM

9. Lancelot – ‘We Can Dance’ (Goldroom Remix)

Lancelot’s offering for 2012 is taken to new heights by Goldroom’s rehash of the track, giving it a giddy and upbeat electronic feel. Having only done the odd side stunt in the past, hopefully ‘We Can Dance’ will signal something of the promise Lancelot has as an upcoming solo artist. MO

10. Adele – ‘Skyfall’
Despite her album being out for 2 years next month, Adele’s 21 will yet again be on the top 5 albums sold this year, and also recently surpassed Oasis to become the 4th best selling album in the UK. Whilst you’re wondering if anyone alive hasn’t bought this album, enjoy her wonderful track for the James Bond film, Skyfall. AT

11. Submotion Orchestra – ‘It’s not me it’s You’
After playing both the Courtyard (Yep) and the Duchess in the space of a year, it’s no surprise that these guys have started generating some serious hype. Their second album’s sound is a more mature blend of jazz and electronica which they’re getting very good at playing live, and it sounds great on record too. RF

12. Alt-J – ‘Breezeblocks’
Perhaps the most successful new band of this year, Leeds-based ALt-J have been on an unstoppable rise to fame. ‘Breezeblocks’ was their first and one of their best at showcasing their precise, intelligent indie-rock, and the mercury prize win proves that there’s much life left in the indie genre yet. Steven Roberts

13. Kindness – ‘That’s Alright’
Most people know kindness for that cute video for ‘House’ where he teaches a kid to play the tune with him. It’s very cutesy and all that, but try not to forget that the music is actually pretty fantastic too. RF

14. Taylor Swift – ‘We are Never Ever Getting Back Together’
2012 has been a great year for irresistibly catchy songs. Gangnam Style, Call me Maybe, One Pound Fish, the list goes on. Country Bumpkin Turned pop princess Taylor Swift’s summer single, the very long “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together, might just steal the prize for refusing to leave our heads. Isaac Bernier-Doyle

15. Major Lazer and Amber of Dirty Projectors – ‘Get Free’
The best thing about this song is that it has two levels. Sitting down and wanting something to pick you up a bit after a long day of work? The original is a slow-builder that never quite tips over the edge, yet you never really want it to either. But if you’ve just had 5 cups of coffee, and want to pretend you’re listening to a European cheese-pop radio station, the equally fantastic Bonde Do Role remix will do you just fine (however I’ve presumed you want the former). RF

16. Drumsound & Bassline Smith ft. Hadouken! – ‘Daylight’
This year saw Drum and Bass return as a dance subgenre heavyweight, and ‘Daylight’ combines the trademark industrial Hadouken! electronica with a high-intensity beat to produce a snarling brute of a track. CM

17. Miguel – ‘Gravity’
If you’ve completely missed RnB newcomer Miguel this year, that’s ok. Rather eclipsed by the return of Usher with his one extremely good song (climax), and many not particularly good songs, Miguel’s 2nd album fell on rather underwhelming acclaim, despite being a much sturdier release. This song isn’t even on the U.S version of the album, and slays most RnB’s output this year. Usher, I hope you’re taking notes. RF

18. Sam & the Womp – ‘Bom Bom’
Dub and brass, blended not nearly as seamlessly as Rudimental; live performances with one-handed trumpet playing; “I want 16 pints of rum/and then I go bom bom”… it just doesn’t make any sense. One of a handful of Marmite songs of 2012, ‘Bom Bom’ is undeniably catchy. CM

19. Of Monsters and Men – ‘Little Talks’
A wonderfully happy bouncy song, somewhere in between Mumford & Sons, Stars and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. The video is equally wonderful and extraordinary; do not miss this. Tom Witherow

20. Taken by Trees – ‘Dreams’
At this point in the playlist you’ve earnt youself a rest. Sit back, relax and enjoy this gentle track courtesy Swedish pop lady extraordinaire Victoria Bergsman. TW

21. Jessie Ware – ‘Wildest Moments’
During this song you could perhaps reflect upon your ‘Wildest Moments’ of 2012? Where were you when Nouse broke the story that everyone at the university was into cocaine? When Efes ran out of chips? When the last edition from the old Nouse team came out? You get the idea. TW

22. Frank Ocean – Pyramids (NSFW)
This marathon song is one of the best off of the highly acclaimed album, Channel Orange. With the original clocking in at just under 10 minutes, its no surprise that the official video shortens it…to 8 minutes. But regardless of length, it’s worth a try. Hoagy Davis-Digges

23. Psy – Gangnam Style
It was always going to be on here at some point. George Wood

24. Destiny’s Child – ‘Say My Name’ (Cyril Hahn Remix)
What better a way to finish: Cyril Hahn has exploded on the house-esque remix scene recently, mostly thanks to this brilliant reworking of the RnB classic. The Swiss-born DJ found fame with this pitch-warped remix, and it looks like things are unlikely to slow down for him. AT


  1. Some great choices. Love Jessie Ware and Kindness although AlunaGeorge ‘Your Drums Your Love’ is definitely missing from this list. You guys should create Spotify Playlists. Like this one by Drowned in Sound.
    It would be a great feature for a monthly round up for the music section.

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  2. Did you mean to say “to get your new years off to a grove”. Personally I like the idea of starting my New Year in a small wood, but I think you might have meant groove!

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