YUSU condemn NUS Vice-President’s offensive chants

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

YUSU have joined others across the country in criticising suggested chants sent out by NUS Vice-President for Union Development, Vikki Baars, ahead of Demo 2012.

The suggested chants were sent out in an email by Baars yestereday evening and the document was also featured in a post on Facebook by the NUS figure.

The chants included “We hate Tories and we hate Tories… We are the Tory Haters” and “‘Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the tories on the top, put the libdems in the middle and burn the f***ng lot!”.

Another chant stated, “Oo Cameron is a w*****, he wears a silk cravat; he took one look at the welfare state and said I’m having that. He won’t say not to bankers, he won’t bail out the poor, lets show these condem b*****s the true meaning of class war’

Other chants were more immature than offensive such as, “(One for the police) ‘Your sexy your cute take off your riot suit’.”

The NUS Vice-President has now apologised for “any offence caused” by the emails, and claims the chants on the list were “personally pulled together” by her. Baars also stated that they were “not an official NUS briefing”. while she added that the chants “in no way represent the views or policy of the organisation”.

In the email she had encouraged students to learn and recite the chants ahead of the Demo: “A strong demonstartion needs lots of people to chant, sing & shout. We’re marching for many reasons and we must be heard. This chant sheet should help you all learn some of the chants”

On Facebook at the end of her post there was a small acknowledgement that the chants could be offensive with “p.s. I can’t promise all the chants will be to everyone’s taste.”

YUSU have condemned the chants and President Kallum Taylor hopes they will not undermine tomorrow’s Demo: “Those kind of chants undermine every ounce of hard work that YUSU, and other SUs across the country have put into making a positive occasion out of a serious Demo. By all means chant away, and get in the mood, but do it creatively. Swear words and personal digs will just alienate and intimidate onlookers.”

He added he expects York students to express their opinions but in a fun and sensible way: “I get the anger, but you’ve got to translate that effectively. It’s deflating to see a national rep play that line; so we’ll try even harder tomorrow to make team York’s experience a fun one. I’m more interested in how we Samba through the capital than what we chant to be honest.”


  1. I don’t like the NUS suggestions but I’m not sure Kallum’s mentality is especially great for a protest.

    “we’ll try even harder tomorrow to make team York’s experience a fun one. I’m more interested in how we Samba through the capital than what we chant to be honest.”

    Not exactly a hard-hitting political message is it…

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  2. @Oli

    And “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we hate Tories and we hate Tories” and “Your sexy your cute take off your riot suit” are?

    Shit like this is the reason nobody pays these demonstrations a bit of attention. If this were a serious political demonstration, intended to have any impact whatsoever beyond massaging the political egos of those participating, we’d see people listening.

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  3. You know, I sit in my House of Commons office every day positively shitting myself in fear of these NUS political heavyweights.
    Pass the gin, would you?

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  4. 21 Nov ’12 at 1:24 am

    Passing the Gin

    One day those student will rise up and vote us out of office. Once countdown, pointless and that foul Kyle is off the television. Till then 12k fees?

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  5. So Kallum says don’t make it personal whilst taking a sign that says Nick Clegg shame on your for turning blue. The guy is an idiot. This is what you get for have no credible candidates in an election.

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  6. 22 Nov ’12 at 12:14 am

    Why are we paying for?

    so our union pays for buses to a demo no one really supports, run by a organisation which is an arm of the labour party, some one needs to set up a national organisation that just duplicates NUS commercial services, let the students at each university shape their unions political stance. and to dan, the anti lib dem placard drafted by that chav comes as no surprise

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  7. Taylor is ridiculous. he is not capable of running a union and masks his half hearted commitment and lack of experience/knowledge with his constant facebook updates trying to make it seem like he is doing a lot but in true fact- is doing next to nothing.

    Good job on the buses mate- but what happened to the rest of the manifesto?

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  8. What an absolute joke you are. Sit behind your computer keyboard and screen without realizing the hours put in by SABs (above all Taylor) in representing students. Get your facts right before condemning others. Done more than any of recent Presidents already.

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