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Parisian Sacha Alanoca tells her about her French influenced style

Sacha Alanoca
3rd Year, Philosophy, Economics and Politics

You’re French right? How does style here compare to back home?
Here, fashion is a lot more daring and colourful! I love French brands for their beautiful cuts and textiles, but style tends to become monotonous as a lot of people stick to ‘safe’ choices. I definitely feel that in the UK, people risk leaving their comfort zones and are not scared of trying out different ‘personalities’.

So we’re a country of eccentrics. Ok…well how has your look changed since moving to York?
Well..I have been ‘inspired’ to keep my tights on during the winter and to never, ever wear five inches heels when snow shows up.

Life lessons are being learnt here. Anyway, I’m not too ‘au fait’ with the up and coming French fashion scene. What designers or brands would you recommend?
Maje, Sandro & Comptoir des Cotonniers have always been favourites due to their amazing quality. As for an up and coming designer, Julien David (ANDAM prize winner) is definitely someone to follow with his deconstructed, androgynous streetwear collection.

If you could shop anywhere, money no issue, where would it be?
Colette; I would advise anyone going to Paris to visit this concept store/artistic platform, whether you are into fashion or not. It’s like a contemporary art museum which showcases the latest collections from the catwalks, whilst at the same time giving a chance for new designers to have their debuts on display. 

I’ll be sure to check it out next time I’m down the Rue Saint-Honoré. And finally, a piece of advice for the students of York this winter?
Do not stick to black or you’ll be as gloomy as the weather. And for girls, have a look in the men’s section for oversized jumpers, comfy coats and other (surprisingly) more affordable and practical items of clothing.

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