Honda NSX

Exciting news folks. At the premiere of a popular film with attractive people in it we witnessed something superb; the return of the Honda NSX

Photo Credit: Dave Pinter

Photo Credit: Dave Pinter

Exciting news folks. Not only have I returned to your computer screens after a prolonged absence, (for which I profusely apologise) but at the premiere of a popular film with attractive people in it we witnessed something superb. For it is the return of the brilliant Honda NSX.

Acura, who are to Honda what Lexus is to Toyota in the US, have very nicely made a “prototype” which was then given to Tony Stark to drive. The company are, however saying that this car was created for the very interesting documentary about the billionaire-playboy-genius and his escapades, called Avengers Assemble, and bares no relation to the supercar we saw at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

However, after doing some light research, I can exclusively (sort of) confirm to you, The Petrolhead readers, that this is the car we will see in the near future.

The previous NSX was revolutionary, and this one promises to be as well. Focusing on low weight and agility, this new version comes with a high revving V6 engine coupled with a double clutch gearbox. So far so good. Oh and it’s a hybrid.

“Ah” I hear you say “this will surely compromise weight, agility and overall performance!” Alas, you are wrong.

We will see two electric motors at the front, one for each wheel, which means each wheel will be driven independently, allowing for the ability to loosen or tighten the car’s cornering line for some quite frankly sumptuous driving. Regenerative breaking is there, plus the extra performance electric motors give (did I mention the one in the gearbox? Yeah, well there’s one in there as well) and a very attractive fuel economy figure. But you’re not interested in that are you?

I’m not overly keen on the looks; it is a touch angular and is a bit unbalanced around the arse area. However it really is good to see the old girl back.

When the original was released 22 years ago, it made Ferrari pull its finger out, who at the time were making great but massively unreliable juggernauts. Of course, times have changed. Ferraris of late have been some of the greatest triumphs of modern engineering and Honda needs to live up to that.

The old car revolutionised the way we think about supercars, and I’m sure the new one will do the same. With concentration on power to weight other than simply POOOOOWWWWEEEERRRRRR, the NSX was always a left-field supercar choice (Rowan Atkinson had one). I’m sure in three years’ time when it is released, it will be great, but in its own unique 21st century way.

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