University hosts newly elected Green leader

Natalie Bennett, the newly elected leader of the Green Party, is to deliver a talk at the University on Wednesday 24th October.

Lisa Camps , Chair of the University of York Green Party, told Nouse, “Her visit marks an aim to put student politics at the heart of the political agenda, coinciding with the first influx of £9000 fee payers and preparations for the student protest in November.”
Bennett said: “We’ve got a serious, if entirely understandable, problem with disillusionment. We need people to make their voices heard and doing that at university is a great place to start.”

Members of the University of York Green Party have expressed their delight at the announcement of the leader’s visit.
Eve Halliday, former secretary, commented, “I think Natalie’s visit indicates just how connected the party leadership is with its grassroots and the public, something that members of other parties can’t claim as easily.

“It will be an amazing opportunity for students to engage with the party, and for Natalie to outline her vision for the future of The Greens”.

Bennett is the former editor of The Guardian Weekly and the parliamentary candidate for Holborn & St Pancreas. She identifies as a feminist and founded the Green Party women’s group. Bennett is a trustee of the equality campaign group the Fawcett Society.

Despite not joining the Green Party until 2006, Bennett was elected leader last month, succeeding Caroline Lucas, the party’s first MP in the UK. The Australian-born journalist defeated Peter Cranie, Romayne Phoenix and Pippa Bartolotti in a vote of over 3,000 Party members.

Bennett has vowed to fight the coalition government’s “economically illiterate” cuts. Stating that the country needs “investment in homes, investment in jobs, investment in energy conservation,” Bennett has also pledged to argue for revitalising local industry, especially to produce renewable energy, and British farming.

Bennett has said she was “deeply honoured” to be given the responsibility. Adding, she stood because she believed in the Green Party’s “radical vision” for Britain’s future. Speaking of her party, Bennett commented that, “it offers, I think, the only viable way forward for British people, for the world.”

The talk is open to all students and will take place on Wednesday 24th October at 18:30 in P/X/001.

Edit: The room was changed from V/045 to P/X/001.

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