HEAR it out

Students should take comfort in the fact that the University is considering the HEAR scheme. Given that we are facing an economic situation in which it is tempting to compare graduates to endearingly naive lemmings, running blindly towards the abyss of graduation, anything that our institution does to aid our employability should be encouraged.

If the scheme sounds somewhat like a return to the patronising days of school reports and hourly accountability, then it is because it is exactly that. However, students should not shy away from this.

The evidence from pilot universities and those currently on the scheme does look promising. Once we as students have got over our educational hubris then perhaps we will realise the need to grasp at any employment improvements that might come our way. The suggestion the scheme may replace the traditional honours system is indication enough of the dramatic change our universities have undergone in recent years, and how we may need to update our thinking and attitude. The scheme might take us back to school, but if it improves our chances of employment and enhances our university experience then students should do all in their power to encourage such a change.

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